Saturday, August 30, 2008

Obama's Terrorist Friends

Like it or not, we are all judged by others in part by the associations that form. It does not matter if it is fair to do this or not, it is a fact of life, a fact that we all must live with. Barry Obama, the Democrat/socialist party candidate for President of the United States is no exception.

The American Issues Project is currently running an ad on local television outlets and the internet that raises the issue of Obama's longtime ties to William Ayers, a self confessed terrorist.

Ayers told the New York Times at one point several years ago, "I don't regret setting bombs. I feel we didn't do enough." He is married to fellow Weather Underground founder Bernadine Dohrn, who once was on the FBI's Top 10 Most Wanted List and described by J. Edgar Hoover as the "most dangerous woman in America."

The response from the Obama camp is to try and shut down the American Issues Project and to threaten TV stations with boycotts if they run the ad. [Read more.] Despite 168 pages of backup documentation and a plethora of public documents and videos that substantiate the claims made in the ad, Obama is claiming that the ad is false, deceptive and unfair. Judge for yourself.

William Ayers bio

At the same time this flap is exploding around Obama's rather ample ears, there is also the little matter of campaign contributions from members of the the radical Muslim Brotherhood, including at least one member under active Federal investigation for terrorist activities [Read more]. While other Democrats have returned contributions from this source, the Obama campaign remains silent and keeps the money.

Obama and his minions in the mainstream media would have us believe that there is no truth to any of these allegations. Rather than providing hard proof of their claims, the Obama people attack the sources and try to use the force of government to silence critics. Rather than prove that they are right, the Obama people call the source names and make wild allegations of their own. Rather than face these issues like reasonable adults, they stomp their little footsies and run to Big Brother to protect them.

Is this the person we want sitting in the Oval Office? A man with ties to known terrorists and who's campaign gladly accepts funds from enemies of the United States?

I believe, when election day comes, the American people will see through the lies of the mainstream media, the Democrat/socialist party, union leaders and other power hungry liberals and do the right thing for America.

Friends don't let friends vote liberal.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama - Biden : This is change?

For the past several days we have been inundated with a flood of discussion, analysis and opinions from the Mainstream media (MSM), all designed to convince us that with the naming of Joe Biden as his VP choice, the new messiah Obama has now all but wrapped up the elections this fall. But something doesn't ring true.

For starters, Obama has campaigned on 'Change' and yet he has picked one of the ultimate Washington D.C. insiders as his VP. Somehow 35 years in the Senate just doesn't sound like 'Change'. If anything it sounds like more of the same old political party garbage.

Then there is the matter of Biden being able to deliver Pennsylvania for the Democrat/socialists in November. While he was born in Pennsylvania, the fact is that he has not lived there for over 50 years.

We are also being told that Biden brings balance to the ticket. When I first heard one of the MSM talking heads say this I almost busted a gut laughing. Balance? Two ultra-liberals do not make for a balanced ticket. Just how stupid does the MSM and the Democrat/socialist party think we are?

Folks, in the Obama/Biden ticket what we have are two of the most liberal Senators in Washington D.C. We have a ticket that is staunchly anti-2nd Amendment, pro-abortion and infanticide, very big government and tax and spend liberal. This ticket does what I thought would be impossible and that is to make uber-liberal George McGovern appear to be a moderate.

Having disposed of Senator Clinton with a campaign that promised 'Change', Obama has now come full circle back to more of the same old garbage.

It will never be more important for conservatives to work to make sure that this ticket fails in November. It really is not about supporting McCain - it is about supporting and defending our way of life.

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Cleaning Up Congress

Sen. Ted Stevens (R - Alaska). Senator Larry Craig (R - Idaho). Rep. William Jefferson (D - Louisiana). President William Jefferson Clinton. Former Sen. John Edwards (D - North Carolina). The list elected and public officials accused of unethical and / or illegal actions goes on and on and on. The list is limited to one political party or another, to just liberals or conservatives.

These are people who have placed themselves in the public eye, told us how they wanted to serve us and how they were the best choice for the position. We believed them only to find out that they were corrupt, out of touch with the people and that they believe themselves to be above the same laws and social mores to which the rest of us adhere. You would think we would be smart enough to kick them out of office but no, these low lifes are usually returned to the very office that they disgraced with their arrogance and corruption. [Sometimes we can be so stupid.]

Isn't it time that we the people get our heads out of our collective butts and do something about this problem? For starters, let's make sure that anyone running for office at least meets some basic requirements. In other words, let's put them through the same process that any of us must face if we want a job.

1. We have to provide proof of citizenship.

2. A huge majority are subjected to drug testing - even after getting the job.

3. Background and credit checks are common.

4. We are questioned by our perspective employers and not some self-appointed surrogates in corporate media.

5. We are expected to be able to prove that we have the basic skills and education needed to perform the job.

Will putting wannabe elected officials through this process guarantee a good hire? No but it will start to separate out those who clearly should not be a position of power over our lives. It is however, crucial that we re-establish a degree of trust in our political system and politicians in general. When we go to the ballot box, we should be confident that all of the candidates meet a minimal set of qualifications.

An additional benefit of this sort of process would be to eliminate some of the manufactured drama that crops up in every campaign. If Barry Obama was required to present a validated birth certificate before starting his campaign, there would not be ongoing doubts as to his true citizenship.

Americans, we can whine and cry and complain about polpigs all we want but unless we are willing to each take responsibility, think for ourselves and demand a high level of qualification, we will end up with just what we deserve - a collection of narcissistic, self absorbed, arrogant elitists who are wildly out of touch with the common folks.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Congress's Summer Vacation

If you are like most working folks, you get one or two weeks of vacation time AFTER spending the year working, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year. To get 5 weeks of paid vacation after working less than 200 days is a dream, unless of course you are a member of Congress.

The most recent polls show that the American people, the folks that Congress works for, give Congress a favorable rate of 9% - less than even the hated George Bush. Said another way, the employers (us) ain't happy with the work of the employees (Congress). However, that does not stop Congress from giving itself a 5 week summer vacation, with pay.

What could you do with a paid 5 week vacation this summer? Of course, folks, you must remember that we are the peons and members of Congress are the elites.

Do yourself, as well as the rest of us, a favor this fall - kick out every seated member of Congress. Send the clear message: "you work for us and not us for you".

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"New Era" Energy Bill Equals Same Old Screwing

Most Americans have probably learned that anytime politicians talk about "bipartisan" solutions, they are saying that they do not have the courage to take a stand and that we the people are about to get screwed - AGAIN. Well folks, hang on to your wallets and be prepared for the inevitable barrage of lies and spin that mass media will soon be dumping on us all because the bipartisan "Gang Of 10" is now pushing something they are calling the "New Era Energy Bill".

The "New Era Energy" bill is a dream come true for anti-drilling forces. Massive amounts of money will be confiscated and transferred to the development of alternative energy sources while drilling within 50 miles of the US coast, including in the ANWR area, will still be banned. While development of alternative sources is a good thing for the future, we need to provide more crude oil NOW and we need to reduce reliance upon foreign oil NOW. [READ MORE]

It does not take a genius to see what is really behind the "New Era" bill. On September 30, 2008 the current Congressional ban on drilling will expire unless Congress votes to renew the ban. The "New Era" bill simply provides some nicey nice words and feel good programs while extending the ban. The end result is no new oil and no immediate reduction in reliance upon foreign oil. Rather than forcing each and every member of Congress to go on record as either supporting or rejecting the drilling ban, the gutless cowards can now hide behind the "New Era" bill. Amazingly,
(sarcasm intended), this all takes place just before the fall elections.

The American people have clearly spoken and demanded that we drill now and this is what Congress gives us in reply. Rather than simply doing nothing and allowing the oil drilling ban to die the send of September, Congress has screwed us again. And we don't even get a kiss afterwards.

So prepare yourself my friends for the countless talking heads who will tell you what a wonderful thing this is. I for one have faith that the American people will be able to see through the smoke and mirrors and see this for exactly what it is: one more in a long line of Congressional screw jobs.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

See the Cowards Run

Over 70% of the American people demand that Congress lift the ban on drilling offshore and in the ANWR. This outcry, together with a reduction in gasoline usage by the American people, help to drive down the cost of crude oil. Lifting the ban and actually getting the crude oil actually flowing will certainly help drive down prices even further. However, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Dem - California, acting more like Marie Antionette than as a representative of the American people, refuses to allow debate on any measure aimed at removing the drilling bans and instead shuts down the House and runs away along with 50 or so of her minions [READ MORE].

Rather than face the wrath of the voters in an election year, the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States of America takes the cowards way out.

The presumptive Democrat candidate for President, Barrack Hussien Obama, the so called great speechifier and new messiah of world politics, refuses to participate in any Town Hall meetings against the Republican John McCain [READ MORE]. His "people" claim that there isn't enough time but the truth is that Barry just does not do very well unless he is reading a speech written for him and being displayed on a teleprompter [READ MORE]. For the record, in what passes for debates there days, the candidate respond to a pre-approved set of questions for a pre-approved selection of big media reporters. In a Town Hall, WE THE PEOPLE actually get a chance to ask unscripted questions.

Rather than face unscripted questions from THE PEOPLE, the presumptive Democrat party nominee for President of the United States, Senator Barrack Hussien Obama, takes the cowards way out.

These are just two examples of the complete lack of courageous, or even mediocre leadership offered the American people by the Democrat party. Faced with two tough situations, these so-called leaders cut and run. Bail out. Disappear. And then like every tinhorn dictator before them, they try to cover their actions with arrogance, pixie dust and political spin.

Had these two, and their minions in the Democrat/socialist party been our leaders in 1776, we would still be a British colony.

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