Friday, August 31, 2007

Selling Out America

The Federal Government, President Bush and the do-nothing Congress continue their headlong rush to sell out America and create a new North American Union. The most recent attack on the America that we grew up loving and defending is to allow 100 Mexican truck companies unfettered access to deliver their loads to anywhere in the US [Read More].

We are told that this "will save American consumers hundreds of millions of dollars". This is, quite simply, not true. Savings will result but consumers will never see a penny of it. The savings will line the pockets of the American and Mexican business owners.

What we are not told is that this will cause economic damage to America citizens, especially those who are involved in the trucking industry. The loads that the Mexican companies will be handling are those that are currently handled by American truckers and American companies. Fewer loads equals lower revenues. Lower revenue leads to fewer jobs and more empty American trucks. Fewer jobs means more unemployment and that leads to financial harm to the drivers who already are operating on thin margins. For the record, this also means fewer taxes being paid.

One wonders how long the Teamsters, American trucking companies and independent drivers will tolerate this situation? However, the responsibility to fight this fight this does not rest only on the back of the Teamsters. We all can take part in this fight. For instance, truck stop operators can refuse to service Mexican trucks. We can refuse to buy goods from companies that accept loads hauled cross country by Mexican trucks. We can demand that our so-call political leaders quit playing their little polpig games and take immediate action to stop this travesty.

We the people have stood mostly quiet while hundreds of thousands of America jobs have been shipped offshore to India, China and parts elsewhere. We stand around with our heads located somewhere in our nether regions as hundreds of thousands of legal aliens willing to work for far less than industry standards are brought in to take away jobs from American workers. And while we spoke loudly and told the el Presidente and the do nothing Congress that we would not accept amnesty for the 20 million illegal aliens currently in the United States, we have done little to push for ridding our country of the illegal criminal aliens or properly patrol our borders.

The defeat of the amnesty plan stands as a shining example of what can happen when Americans stand up to the polpigs and BigMedia. WE CAN MAKE THINGS HAPPEN but only if we are willing to speak out.

It is high time that we once again remind el Presidente Bush and the do nothing Congress that they work for us, the American people and that their primary job is to protect the interests of the American people instead of playing polpig games and running for higher office.

Our forebears understood that to keep our liberty and freedom, it is sometimes necessary for the individual to make sacrifices for the greater common good, that if one of us loses our freedom, we will all suffer the same loss. Isn't it about time we learned the same lesson?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Socialist State of Minnesota

We here in Minnesota thought we were electing a somewhat conservative Republican governor. The joke's on us.

In the finest tradition of socialist politicians, Gov. Pawlenty is now telling folks that he will support a nickel per gallon increase in the state gas tax supposedly to be used to rebuild the I35 bridge [READ MORE]. Since no tax ever goes away, one has to wonder what the additional gas tax will used to finance once the bridge is completed? What ever it may be, the odds are good that it will be anything BUT our roads and bridges.

Minnesota has a budget surplus of over 2 BILLION dollars. The Feds are going to pay for most of the rebuilding of the I35 bridge. We have money to build the comical light rail system that runs from downtown to the Mall of America and back again. We have money to build a new stadium for the Minnesota Twins. We have money (from transportation funds) to build even more choo-choos. When the Feds sent us transportation money, rather than spend it for bridges and roads, our esteemed "leaders" choose to spend it on a choo-choo train that has had almost no positive impact on traffic congestion.

Minnesota does not need a new gas tax nor do we need a special session of the tax and spend state legislature. However, our newly converted socialist governor has other ideas. Somehow the supposedly fiscally conservative governor seems bound and determined to add to our already heavy tax load.

I am sad to say that I have supported Gov. Pawlenty in the past. But that ain't gonna happen again.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Does BigMedia Mainipulate the news? Without a doubt.

It is not uncommon for media outlets to amend a story if there is a change in the facts that warrants correction. When they do so, they usually include a comment that the article has been modified from the original.

It might surprise yo to know that stories also get modified to change wording either as a result of pressure from political activists or to conform to political correctness.

For an example of manipulating news stories, let's take a look at this Reuters article.

If you are amongst those that think that this is the original version of this story are sadly mistaken. Sorry folks but this is actually version 3 of the same darned story.

This snippet is the first two paragraphs of the original story published August 6, 2007.

8-6 2143
BISBEE, Ariz., Aug 6 (Reuters) - An Arizona
judge ruled on Monday that a U.S. Border Patrol
agent must stand trial for murder for shooting
dead a Mexican immigrant in a case that
prompted condemnation and increased tensions with Mexico.

Agent Nicholas Corbett was charged in
April on four counts of homicide in
connection with the Jan. 12 shooting
death of Francisco Dominguez Rivera
shortly after he crossed a stretch of
desert border between Douglas and Naco.

This snippet is from version 3 of the story published August 7, 2007 at 0734.

8-7 0734
BISBEE, Arizona (Reuters) - A U.S. Border
Patrol agent must stand trial for murder in
the shooting of a Mexican man trying to
enter the United States, an Arizona judge
ruled Monday in a case that drew criticism
from Mexico.

Agent Nicholas Corbett was charged in
April with four counts of homicide in the
January 12 shooting of Francisco
Dominguez Rivera shortly after he crossed
the border illegally on a stretch of desert
between Douglas and Naco.

The first difference is that the so-called victim in version 1 is referred to as a "Mexican immigrant" while version 3 now calls him a "Mexican man". While this seems minor, there is really a world of difference. A "Mexican man" could be tourist or businessman.

The second difference is also found in paragraph one of both snippets. In the first you will find the phrase "in a case that prompted condemnation and increased tensions with Mexico." In the second snippet, this phrase is now "in a case that drew criticism from Mexico".

The message here is very simple folks : do not trust BigMedia. Do not let BigMedia, or any other person or group ever think for you.

At the end of the day, the freedom to think and decide for ourselves is just about the only freedom that we really have.