Friday, December 12, 2008

Why are U.S. taxpayers left holding the bail-out bill?

Bail-out mania is running rampant in Washington, D.C. Our elected officials, especially the Democrat/socialist party and liberal RINOs do not seem to be able to stop themselves when it comes to giving away billions upon billions upon billions of OUR tax dollars. To these elitist idiots, the will of the American people does not matter.

Throughout this feeding frenzy in the D.C. pig sty, one question, at a minimum, has gone unanswered: "why are American taxpayers the only ones paying for these bailouts of international companies?"

Each of the Big Three auto industry companies has plants in the U.S. as well as plants in Canada and Mexico. If they fail, it will not be just the American plants that shutdown - thousands of Canadian and Mexican workers will also be left without jobs. All of the financial companies being bailed out have extensive foreign operations.

So why is it that only the U.S. taxpayer is being forced to provide billions upon billions upon billions tax dollars to bail out these companies? Why isn't Canada and Mexico joining in with money for the bail-outs?

Granted, the U.S. Congress has had a large part to play in causing the current problems but that still does not mean that we the people of America should be the only ones coughing up hard earned dollars to rescue these firms.

When are the other nations going to join in to save jobs in their own countries?

The answers is simple: the same day hell freezes over.