Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What REALLY Happened November 7, 2007

There was a time when human knowledge doubled every 1000 years or so. Then it doubled in 100 years. Now the doubling has accelerated to the point where it occurs yearly.

Politics is now going to see the same acceleration in turnover.

We have an election that is truly an anti-vote and not a pro-vote. The evidence is right here in Minnesota that libs did not win for their ideas but for anti-Bush. For instance, here in Minnesota, one of the most liberal states in America that gave politics Mondale, Humphrey and Wellstone, the ultimate liberal Patty Wetterling -- the comfortable leader in the polls for the entire campaign -- got beat by a serious
woman conservative. Anyone familiar with Minnesorta politics understands knows the significance of this single race.

Nationally, gay marriage amendments, including the Wisconsin version which also bans the state from recognizing civil unions, passed by decent margins. Wisconsin voters also approved a death penalty. These are not the votes of liberals but of angry and betrayed moderates and conservatives - toss the bums out but don't mess with marriage.

More importantly, America has also called the liberals bluff and with the acceleration in societal change cycles, we have given them one election cycle -- two years -- to prove themselves. We have also told them that we are not liberals.

Given that it is nearly impossible for anything of any real significance to get done in politics, two years from now we are likely to see just as dramatic of a swing. This of course assumes that the Republicans get the message : you made promises, we elected you, you lied and we kicked your butt out.

At the end of the day, all that has really changed is the names on the doors of the offices on Capital Hill.

But there is hope for the future. American voters have demonstrated the power of the vote. If we only learn to have faith in our own reasoning instead of allowing to media to lie to and brainwash us, our own decisions instead of allowing union officials or pundits to tell us how to vote, and our own beliefs, America will be in great shape moving into the future. The underlying greatness of America has always been based on true faith and the committment and dedication of her people and NOT on politics or media.

Politicians, media pundits and political parties come and go just as all of the man's creation do in the fullness of time. But faith in God, faith in ourselves and faith in our neighbors can and will last forever.

Take a knee folks, bow your heads and give thanks to the Lord for all that we have, ask that our "leaders" suddenly develop wisdom instead of political smarts and ask that we never forget that God created each of us with our own mind and free will and then promise to never again allow others to control us.

Now the Republicans have two years to reconnect with their voters. The Democrats (liberals), have two years to try to fulfill their promises. And we have two years to suffer through our great national temper tantrum.

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