Tuesday, January 05, 2010

We Are ALL In This Mess Together

This is probably going to come as a surprise to many Americans who seem to feel that everything can be defined in terms of party politics: there are some issues that are far too important to be treated to the blame game and name calling that passes as political debate. For instance :


Blaming Bush as the left is fond of doing or bashing Obama as the right
loves doing has nothing to do with the security of this country and her
citizens. Security must not be a political issue and should be handled
by professionals who actually know what they are doing
and not a bunch
of lifetime politicians and bureaucrats who's decisions are driven not
by reality but by the desire to protect their own power.

Openness and transparency in government

We were promised openness and transparency by the current President and the political party presently with control of both houses of Congress. Openness and transparency is something that benefits all of us, left or right. We should demand this of any President or Congress whether we voted for them or not. Many state and local governments have strict open meeting laws on the books.

Regardless of political leaning, we all benefit from liberty and freedom; if we all don't defend it, we all will lose it.

The choices are simple: wake up and work together on the issues that demand a unified voice or continue to play the childish blame game and collectively lose everything that makes this country great.


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