Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Sen Reid Is Losing What Little Sanity He Had

Sen, Harry Reid, Liberal/Dem, Nev, today likened those who oppose the government takeover of the health care industry to those who supported slavery. He also likened the opponents, Republicans, to those who tried to filibuster and stop civil rights legislation. This second claim clearly shows that Sen. Reid has little if any grasp of history or the truth since it was DEMOCRAT Senator Strom Thurmond who led the failed filibuster (Sen Thurmond changed parties some time later). You can read more here.

Were this topic not so darned important, the Senator from Nevada could be laughed off as just another bad jerk. This type of rhetoric is hardly worthy of a debate as important to the future of this country. I find it hard to believe that this joke in a three piece suit truly represents the people of Nevada.

Senator Reid, I do believe your clown car is waiting for outside the Senate building.


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