Thursday, August 06, 2009

Sabotaging the democratic process

Now that Congress is heading off to their month long, taxpayer funded vacation without meeting the President's deadline for passing health care, it is time for the Democrat party and their minions in the mainstream media to go on the attack. The target of their attacks are those American citizens who have shown the courage to show up at town hall meetings and express their anger. Yes folks, our elected representatives - our employees - are attacking Us. Apparently we are just supposed to shut up, accept their lies and deceptions, pay our taxes and be good little boys and girls.

The most recent accuser is none other than the Senate majority leader, Harry "Dingy" Reid, Nevada DEM. According to Senator Reid, by protesting and letting our elected officals know that we are angry, we are "trying to "sabotage" the democratic process" [READ MORE]. Sorry Senator but this is how the democratic process works.

Senator Reid and his cronies have consistently refused to listen to the concerns of an ever growing number of citizens. Phone calls, letter, emails and faxes have not shaken Reid's loyalty to President Obama and the Democrat Party. Since it is obvious that we don't count, at least not to Senator Reid and other members of Congress, we show up at their staged Town Hall meetings and use that forum to express our anger and frustration. This is the same process that has been in place since the days of this great nations founding.

Perhaps if we were members of an ACORN organized welfare protest Senator Reid would think differently of us. Perhaps if we were anti-war protesters disrupting traffic and business the good Senator would consider our protests as worthy expression of our free speech rights.

During the Congressional recess (taxpayer funded one month vacation), we are going to demonized by the left. Pelosi has already claimed that we show up with swastikas. Well folks, do not be deterred. Be proud of being labeled "terrorists" by the Homeland Security. Be proud of being called a "mob" by Dingy Reid. We must be having an impact and should be very proud of that. Face our accusers and tell them that we are loud, we are proud and we will not be ignored any longer!


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