Friday, October 24, 2008

More Obama Lies

More lies from Obama and his handlers and his minion in mainstream media (msm): so what else is new?

Gun Rights

If you are one of the millions of people who own believe that the Second Amendment means that you have a right to won firearms and to use them for hunting or self defense, you have probably heard Obama claim that he is not in favor of gun bans or confiscating private firearms. This is not true: [READ MORE]. Vote for Obama and congressional liberals and you can kiss the Second Amendment goodbye.

Medicare Cuts
Recent Obama ads claim that McCain will cut medicare benefits and make elgibility more difficult. The same ads claim that McCain's plans would result in "higher premiums and co-pays," and more expensive prescription drugs".

According to, these ads are totally false (that's the polite way of saying that Obama is lying).

This particular tactic, scaring senior citizens, is pretty much standard practice for liberal candidates. Hopefully America's seniors have grown weary of politcians playing these games and telling these lies.

Is Obama a socialist?
Much ado has been made about claims that Obama's policies are socialist in nature and intent. It has also been claimed that Obama himself at one point belonged to a socialist political party, the New Party. Of course Obama and the msm have denied that he was ever a member of the New Party and defended his policies as the best thing since sliced bread.

This photo is taken from a 1995 publication of the New Party newsletter and is available through the good work of New Zeal blog:

You can read the rest of the verified documentation of Obama's membersip in the socialist New Party by [clicking here].

Folks, despite what Obama, Biden, their minions, the mainstream media, union leaders or liberal politicians say, Obama is lying to us. The evidence is available through the Internet (google is our friend). You can find it yourself - do so. And then make your decision based upon the facts and not upon 'white guilt', charisma or slick TV productions.


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