Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Another Boring night

Round 2 of the Presidential Debates ended a few minutes ago and I already wish I had spent the night hitting myself in the head with a hammer rather than listening to the same old drivel. Despite the fact that neither candidate stuck to the time limits they agreed upon, neither one ever gave a straight, to the point the answer. Heck, sometimes you had to wonder what question they were even answering.

While I didn't expect Obama to lambast the crooks in Congress for their part in this financial mess we are told currently exists, I did expect McCain to address the roles of Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd and the rest of the liberal Congress. He didn't.

This more or less set the tone for the rest of the so-called debate: a boring repetition of the same crap they have been shoveling for over two years.

Perhaps the problem was at least partially due to the format and selection of questions? This was supposed to be a Town Hall debate but the only similarity to a Town Hall debate was having common folks on the same stage with the candidates. The questions were preselected by Tom Brokaw thus eliminating any spontaneous give and take between the candidates and the audience.

It may come as a surprise to Browkaw, the candidates, MSM and the D.C Beltway insiders but we are interested in more than foreign policy questions. For instance:

1. What is your position on abortion - is it right or wrong?

2. What is your position on the Second Amendment?

3. Do you support amnesty for illegal criminal aliens?

4. Would you support efforts to mandate English as the official language of business and government?

5. What is your position on gay marriage - allow it or not?

6. Should a candidate be judged, at least in part, upon their past associations?

7. You both talk about change - explain clearly what you mean by change and what changes you are going to try and bring about?

8. ACORN, amongst others, have a proven track record of voter registration fraud. What will you do to stop this?

9. Senator Obama, are you aware that George Bush is not running for office?

Presidential Debates are supposed to mean something, are supposed to help educate the voters and clarify the positions of the candidates. Judged by these standards, this years debates have been nothing by one large waste of time.

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