Thursday, October 02, 2008

It Ain't Over Baby

For those of us who do not worship at the alter of the political messiah, Barack Hussien Obama, it sure must seem like it's all over. Heck, some of the talking heads of mainstream media are already claiming that the race is over [READ].

Well hell, we might as well all just give up, fold the tents, pack it in, and retreat into our hovels with our guns and Bibles and wait for the government to take care of us all.

Or we can get angry and stand and fight back.

Reject the lies of mainstream media - there is a wealth of information documenting just who exactly Obama really is, what he really stands for, who his supporters are, where his money is coming from and what he wants to do to the American Dream. Take the time to do a bit of searching and reading and decide for yourself.

Reject the lies and spin that is oozing out from the D.C. Beltway - these are the same people who have set the stage for the failure of Fannie Mae and others with stupid government mandated lending policies. [READ MORE] Why should we trust them now?

Reject the attacks and lies heaped upon Gov. Palin [READ MORE]. Folks, the pundits, politicians and talking heads attacking Gov. Palin are not just attacking Palin, they are attacking each and every one of the average Americans that live outside of the D.C. Beltway. They look down their noses at any one who is not a part of the incestuous cesspool that exists inside the D.C. Beltway.

America has become a great nation not because of politicians or community organizers or by tax and spend policies. We have become great because of of the people who believe in and live by the principles upon which this nation was formed such as individual freedom, liberty, faith and the equal opportunity to pursue the American dream.

Take this election very seriously folks. Our future and the future of our children will be directly affected by the way we vote in November. We owe it ot future generations to stand up and fight for America, to throw out each any every liberal/socialist in office and to reject the most liberal socialist Presidential candidate in recent memory.

Please take a few minutes to think for yourself. Pray for guidance and the wisdom to see through the slime and lies. Our future depends upon each and every one of us. The question is will we act like whipped puppies or stand up as strong and free Americans?

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