Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Who's funding Franken's Campaign?

Al Franken is running for US Senator for the state of Minnesota. You might think that the bulk of the larger donations (those over $200) would come from sources within Minnesota. You would be wrong.

According to Political Base, so far the majority of these larger contributions have come from out of state sources. [READ MORE].

The Top 5 states are :

California $553,896
Minnesota $387,572
New York $317,401
Illinois $124,144
Washington $76,050

The Top 5 Cities are :

New York $350,901
Los Angeles $347,446
Minneapolis $345,922
SF Bay Area $192,700
Chicago $122,144

Makes you kinda wonder Minnesota - who will Franken actually represent, us or his buddies in California and New York?


Anonymous Antielf said...

He won't represent MN. And he certainly won't represent people on the opposite side of his political ideology.

Last week, a local conservative morning talk show host was broadcasting from the State Fair. He went over to Franken (Franken won't go on the radio program (neither will Coleman)). The host asked some decent question and Franken made some wisecrack.

Take a poll... after Franken loses, how long until he packs up & leaves MN. I say within 3 months he'll be gone.

10:46 PM  

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