Saturday, August 09, 2008

Cleaning Up Congress

Sen. Ted Stevens (R - Alaska). Senator Larry Craig (R - Idaho). Rep. William Jefferson (D - Louisiana). President William Jefferson Clinton. Former Sen. John Edwards (D - North Carolina). The list elected and public officials accused of unethical and / or illegal actions goes on and on and on. The list is limited to one political party or another, to just liberals or conservatives.

These are people who have placed themselves in the public eye, told us how they wanted to serve us and how they were the best choice for the position. We believed them only to find out that they were corrupt, out of touch with the people and that they believe themselves to be above the same laws and social mores to which the rest of us adhere. You would think we would be smart enough to kick them out of office but no, these low lifes are usually returned to the very office that they disgraced with their arrogance and corruption. [Sometimes we can be so stupid.]

Isn't it time that we the people get our heads out of our collective butts and do something about this problem? For starters, let's make sure that anyone running for office at least meets some basic requirements. In other words, let's put them through the same process that any of us must face if we want a job.

1. We have to provide proof of citizenship.

2. A huge majority are subjected to drug testing - even after getting the job.

3. Background and credit checks are common.

4. We are questioned by our perspective employers and not some self-appointed surrogates in corporate media.

5. We are expected to be able to prove that we have the basic skills and education needed to perform the job.

Will putting wannabe elected officials through this process guarantee a good hire? No but it will start to separate out those who clearly should not be a position of power over our lives. It is however, crucial that we re-establish a degree of trust in our political system and politicians in general. When we go to the ballot box, we should be confident that all of the candidates meet a minimal set of qualifications.

An additional benefit of this sort of process would be to eliminate some of the manufactured drama that crops up in every campaign. If Barry Obama was required to present a validated birth certificate before starting his campaign, there would not be ongoing doubts as to his true citizenship.

Americans, we can whine and cry and complain about polpigs all we want but unless we are willing to each take responsibility, think for ourselves and demand a high level of qualification, we will end up with just what we deserve - a collection of narcissistic, self absorbed, arrogant elitists who are wildly out of touch with the common folks.


Anonymous Antielf said...

It absolutely is the voter's responsibility to kick these jerks out.

Term limits are one way, but shouldn't need that if the voter took their responsibility seriously- For America, not for themselves.

On the other hand, some people are so stupid that they buy lock, stock & barrel what these people say without research (e.g. Clinton & Obammy).

2:19 PM  
Anonymous Freeman said...

And don't forget... follow the money. The politicians "bring back money to their district." In other words, bribing the voters.

How much of the billions that they take from us, "comes home?"

Why not just let us keep OUR money instead of them taking it and giving a tiny portion back and they take credit for that? (that was a rhetorical question).

You're right Antielf, the voters need to decide voting for America or voting for their own greed.

2:57 PM  

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