Friday, August 08, 2008

"New Era" Energy Bill Equals Same Old Screwing

Most Americans have probably learned that anytime politicians talk about "bipartisan" solutions, they are saying that they do not have the courage to take a stand and that we the people are about to get screwed - AGAIN. Well folks, hang on to your wallets and be prepared for the inevitable barrage of lies and spin that mass media will soon be dumping on us all because the bipartisan "Gang Of 10" is now pushing something they are calling the "New Era Energy Bill".

The "New Era Energy" bill is a dream come true for anti-drilling forces. Massive amounts of money will be confiscated and transferred to the development of alternative energy sources while drilling within 50 miles of the US coast, including in the ANWR area, will still be banned. While development of alternative sources is a good thing for the future, we need to provide more crude oil NOW and we need to reduce reliance upon foreign oil NOW. [READ MORE]

It does not take a genius to see what is really behind the "New Era" bill. On September 30, 2008 the current Congressional ban on drilling will expire unless Congress votes to renew the ban. The "New Era" bill simply provides some nicey nice words and feel good programs while extending the ban. The end result is no new oil and no immediate reduction in reliance upon foreign oil. Rather than forcing each and every member of Congress to go on record as either supporting or rejecting the drilling ban, the gutless cowards can now hide behind the "New Era" bill. Amazingly,
(sarcasm intended), this all takes place just before the fall elections.

The American people have clearly spoken and demanded that we drill now and this is what Congress gives us in reply. Rather than simply doing nothing and allowing the oil drilling ban to die the send of September, Congress has screwed us again. And we don't even get a kiss afterwards.

So prepare yourself my friends for the countless talking heads who will tell you what a wonderful thing this is. I for one have faith that the American people will be able to see through the smoke and mirrors and see this for exactly what it is: one more in a long line of Congressional screw jobs.


Anonymous Antielf said...

When I first heard about this, I thought "what are the sellouts doing to us now."

After hearing analysis, now we know.

Sen Chambliss was on Rush's show today and blathered on. He's really a good example of why this crap happens. He thinks he's doing something to help us. In reality, its to help himself & the false notion that the dems will play nice with the GOP.

When was the last time the dems did something useful?

This is also a slap in the face and a swift kick in the @$$ to the House Repubs that are standing up to Queen Pelosi and her tyrannical actions.

5:44 PM  
Blogger RStar23 said...

ultimately - this is part of the smoke screen that will be spread to allow the polpigs in congress to avoid having to face an 'yes' or 'no' vote on extending the drilling ban Sept 30.

2:12 PM  

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