Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Congress: The Enemy Within

Despite high gas prices and a huge majority of Americans supporting a drill now policy, the Democrat/socialist controlled Congress stil refuses to listen to the people. Instead, these elitists continue to push the pie-in-the-sky daydreams so popular with the neohippies. The most recent proof of this is found in the words of Senator Barbara Boxer:

“I don’t think that you throw the Alaskan [Arctic] National Wildlife [Refuge] into oil drilling,” Boxer said. “You don’t need to do it. If you look at what’s in there, it would keep us going for six months when you can do so much more. I mean, with the acreage that is already in the oil companies’ hands. So, I think there are certain American values and you don’t throw them away for something that is so obviously necessary.”’ [READ MORE]

Not only does Her Highness refuse to open the ANWR, she flippantly tosses out misleading and false facts [READ MORE]. While mounting her throne and making her pronouncements, Her Highness Boxer most importantly ignores the will of the majority of American taxpayers.

Perhaps if Her Highness Boxer were not financially supported by we the taxpayers she might be more willing to listen to our voices. Perhaps if she had to pump $4.00 a gallon gas and pay out of her own pocket she might get the message. But as a Congressional elite, the socialist senator from California live high on the government hog.

Not to be outdone, Democrat/socialists in the House led by Minnesota's own Congressman Oberstar (D-MN) are starting to lay the groundwork for an increase in the Federal gas tax to be used to fund their earmark highway programs [READ MORE]. The short and sweet of this is that rather than eliminate their pork barrel, earmark pet projects, the Democrat/socialist controlled Congress wants to raise OUR taxes.

The bottom line is that it is Congress and NOT the President who passes the laws that the rest of us have to live with. If we truly believe in freedom and individual rights, we must eradicate Congress of socialists such as Boxer.

It is your country America - are you going to decide to do something about the problems or are you going to continue to be led around on a leash by liberals and the mainstream media?

Friends don't let friends vote for liberals.


Anonymous Antielf said...

This is stunning.

They also get away with it because the media covers for them. Instead of asking them hard questions and broadcasting it, they coverup & ignore these things. They'd never want to question their fellow travelers.

Überstar is an embarrassment. He cranks up our taxes and what does he build? Unused bike trails in northern Minnesota.

9:29 PM  
Anonymous Warthog said...

The Democrats have proven that all they care about is their own power and that they will do anything, say anything to gain and maintain power.

10:29 PM  

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