Sunday, June 22, 2008

The ObamaMessiah's Great New Oil Policy

The ObamaMessiah has announced his brandy new, spanking fresh oil policy [read]. The man portrayed as representing change and a fresh approach to government and politics, has come up with THE plan. Or has he?

ObamaMessiah is calling for Congress to close a tax loophole signed into law by Bill Clinton. This particular gift from Bubba was a loophole that has allowed oil speculators to run wild. In and of itself, this is a good idea. However, it is hardly an "activist, populist approach to regulating business". He is simply taking credit for the efforts made by many others before him.

The problem with this "oil policy" is that it is a one-trick pony and will not lower gas prices one cent nor develop an iota of new resources. Rather than drill for proven reserves, ObamaMessiah like all liberals (aka progressives), is simply pushing for even greater government control of private industry. Rather than really fix a problem, they choose to set up a government entity to make things even worse.

Hey ObamaMessiah, if rehashed liberal policies is the best you can come up, perhaps you best can this "Change we can believe in" crap and go back to being the JUNIOR Senator from Illinois.

Updated: 06/23/08

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