Monday, June 02, 2008

Open Letter to Senator Klobuchar

Dear Senator Klobuchar,

Thank you for your e-newsletter. I found the comments regarding your "Fighting for Consumer Relief at the Gas Pump, More comprehensive action needed to put consumers first" quite interesting. To quote:

"Klobuchar also supports measures that would pressure OPEC to increase oil production by giving the U.S. Attorney General authority to bring enforcement action against foreign governments that are colluding to set the price of oil. To address the nation’s long-term energy independence, Klobuchar has also said Congress should roll back the billions of dollars in tax giveaways that oil companies currently receive and invest the revenue in long-term solutions, including renewable, alternative fuels."

I am not sure what color the sky is in your part of the world but this is some of the most pie-in-the-sky, feel good rhetoric that I have heard in quite some time.

Even the most optimistic alternative energy "experts" acknowledge that it will take years, if not decades before enough alternative energy can be brought online to fuel our economy and to convert our existing infrastructure to use those alternative sources. The cost to consumers would run into the billions, if not trillions of dollars while over this period.

Suing foreign nationals and slapping the wrists of the oil companies amount to nothing more than a refusal to take a realistic look at the problems and will not result in a single penny of savings for our consumers nor one iota more of energy. About the only ones to benefit for these actions are the squadron of lawyers who would be put to work on these efforts.

America controls or has access to enough crude oil resources to provide for our needs for quite some time to come and certainly long enough for alternative energy sources to be identified, tested, and brought on line. Yet you continue to work against allowing Americans to develop these crude oil resources.

While the Communist Chinese government drills for oil off of our Gulf Coast, you advocate suing OPEC.

We urge you Senator to quit pandering to the minority and allow Americans to immediately pursue our crude oil resources. I am certain that the oil companies will happily match the campaign funds you receive from the eco-fringe.


Anonymous Antielf said...

She and those like her have no interest in doing what's right.

This is breads & circuses... put on a show to us convince us masses that GoodGov is taking care of us, without doing anything meaningful. Also used as a distraction to other non-sense going on, like the current debate of the Lieberman-Warner bill to destroy the U.S. economy and drain your bank account.

Take a read here to see what the creeps are up to.

8:59 PM  
Blogger Rich said...

Pandering to the econuts, loonie fringe and whoever makes big enough campaign contributions.

The polpigs live in their own little world, supported by the taxpayer and insulated from the same day-to-day world as the rest of us.

But ultimately the fault for these idiots being in office is ours - we voted them in and we re-elected them. It is up to us to remedy the problem before there is nothing left to fix.

7:38 PM  
Anonymous AntiElf said...

Also, these polpigs & the econuts are the very people that are causing the high prices.

They force laws & regulations on the oil companies, and no more refineries and no more drilling. Well, duh, prices are going to go up.

Then these jerks have the gall to pull this. They act like they're innocent bystanders and this just happened all on its own.

Decrease regulation, and LEAVE US ALONE!

10:14 PM  

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