Monday, May 19, 2008

It ain't Bush - Congress is the enemy

So you hate George Bush and by God, you are going to express that hate in the upcoming elections?

Well good for you. You will be doing absolutely nothing to change anything but you'll feel better.

Folks, Congress, not the President, writes the bills that become law. Congress votes the spending measures, creates taxes and gives final approval of Supreme Court nominees. The President can suggest, request and if needs be veto a bill but Congress is really in the driver's seat since they can override the President's veto.

Sometimes Congress and the President agree on a bill, sometimes they don't. But always it is Congress that must pass a bill.

Every Bush policy that so many hate has been backed by Congress. Congress voted for the Iraqi war. Congress voted for the Patriot Act. Congress passed the economic policies that have led to economic hardship for many American citizens.

So what if Bush is gone this fall, the same Congress will still be in charge and still working for their own special interests and power. Unless we the people get it through our thick skulls that real change starts with Congress, we are going to be even worse off.

This election is not about Democrat/socialists versus Republicans as much as mainstream media would like you to believe. The real struggle is for our culture and society. Do we reclaim the principles that our Founders fought for or do we continue to move towards socialism?

Wake up people - Congress is not our friend and needs to be overhauled top to bottom.


Anonymous Antielf said...

Hey hey, ho ho, congress has got to go.

Thanks to the ones here in Minnesota, I'm wallet is a lot lighter.

7:03 PM  
Blogger RStar23 said...

antielf said

"Thanks to the ones here in Minnesota, I'm wallet is a lot lighter."

and getting lighter everyday.

The state of Minnesota is a prime example of 'we the people' making our own bed and having to lay in it. We elected these jerks, we re-elect the jerks and then we complain when they do what liberals always do - tax, tax, tax.

We need to stp listening to the empty rhetoric of the campaign trail, the lies of media and the marching orders from our unions and vote based upon our common sense and empty wallet.

8:24 AM  

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