Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Enjoy Your Tax Increases Minnesota

Today is the first day of the 2008 session of the Minnesota House and Senate. Not wanting to waste a single moment, the majority DFL (Democrat Farmer Labor) party announced massive new programs and TAX INCREASES. One can only hope that the idiots who voted for these greedy polpigs enjoy their new tax increases. As for the rest of us, we are SOL. Our side of the political aisle, including the Rhino Gov. Pawlenty, do not have the guts to stand up to the liberals and socialists who make up the DFL.

Here's the sad headline from a local news source web site:

State Dems immediately propose gas tax

For months DFL leaders have been pounding the airwaves telling us how horrible the Minnesota economy has become. Revenues from existing taxes are supposedly below projections. So what is the liberal answer to this? RAISE TAXES!.

In 2006 the voters of Minnesota were duped into voting for the 2006 Transportation Amendment to the state constitution. This was going to provide long term financing for all transportation needs. Two years later the socialist DFL polpigs are back at the trough.

Businesses continue to either leave Minnesota or significantly downsize their operations in our state and the DFL answer is to RAISE TAXES.

The population of western Wisconsin continues to grow as Minnesotans try to escape the huge tax burden imposed by the state and what does the DFL do : RAISE TAXES.

The fault does not lie just with the DFL and their supporters. There is ample blame to spread around to the gutless, worthless republicans, the turncoat governor and the idiots who can not be bothered to vote.

There is still time to fight back. Flood the republican legislators and Governor Pawlenty with phone calls, letters and emails demanding that they grow a spine and stand up for the citizens of this state. Demand that the state live within it's means just like you and me have to do. Demand accountability. Demand that they vote "NO" on any tax increases.

While we will certainly do whatever we can to fight the DFL TAX INCREASES, we have little faith that the taxpayers of Minnesota will actually do anything other than whine, cry and pay. And we have absolutely no faith that the republican members of government will do anything other than roll over and play dead as usual.

In a nutshell, Minnesota, we are screwed.


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