Friday, January 11, 2008

Universal helath care is NOT a RIGHT

Sorry Hillary, Barack and all the other polpigs beating the drums but universal health care is not a right. It is not even a good idea. Especially if all it means is 'someone else pays'.

Would I like someone else to pay for my health care costs? Hell yes, who wouldn't? In fact, I would be happy to just be able to afford decent health insurance. But not if it means another bloated, government mangled program that serves no purpose other than to inflate costs and assure a hefty income to a select few.

Face the facts folks, all government programs are paid for by taxpayers, you and me. You may think you are getting a great deal
but someone is going to have to pay for it and that someone is the TAXPAYER. For the record, TAXPAYER means you and me.

Health care is expensive, far more than it needs to be. Is it because of greedy doctors scheming to rip you off so they can buy another BMW? Is it because of the evil insurance industry more interesting in profits than in providing service? Is it because of excessive government interference or ridiculous malpractice suits and settlements? The answer to all is 'to some degree, yes'. But the big reason costs are so high is because we are willing to pay the inflated costs. And why are we so willing to pay the price? Because we simply send the bill to someone else to write
the check.

Not only are we willing to pay these high costs but we do so for purely elective reasons. For instance:

1. Vanity surgery - lasix, liposuction et. al.

2. Junk medicine - pick any of the diseases du jour such as the latest magic cure for obesity

3. TV-esque heroic efforts - "House" is not real life folks

4. Emergency room visits for non-emergency issues (a simple cold is not an emergency)

Beyond these reasons, there is also our fear of aging and death, a fear brought about through a lack of true faith, a fear that power hungry polpigs are all to willing to exploit.

Can health care costs be brought down without massive government intervention? Without a doubt. The key rests with us folks, the common citizens who pay for everything. Start by accepting the fact that you are going to die someday and there is nothing modern medicine can do to change that fact.

Next, take personal responsibility for your own health. If you are fat, cut down on what you eat and exercise more. If your kid has the sniffles give them chicken soup and tuck them into a warm bed for a day or two. When you do actually need to go to the doctor, ask about the prices and alternatives.

Health care is a complex topic and I do not mean to minimize the importance of a good health care system. But folks, the solution to every complex problem starts with simple steps.

Last but not least - never believe a polpig who tells you that health care is a right and that they will give us good health care. They are a large part of why it is so expensive and can not be trusted to do anything that will actually benefit us.

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