Friday, September 21, 2007

Digging Through The Muck of the Left

"Goodness gracious. oh, my paws and whiskers. Some of the meanest, most ornery hombres around are suddenly feeling faint. Notorious tough guys are swooning with the vapors. The biggest beasts in the barnyard are all aflutter over something they read in the New York Times. . . . All across the radio spectrum, right-wing shock jocks are themselves shocked. How could anybody say such a thing? It's horrifying. It's outrageous. It's disgraceful. It's just beyond the pale. . . .

Whatever your interpretation of the ad, all the gasping for air and waving of scented handkerchiefs among the war's most enthusiastic supporters is pretty comical.

It's all phony, of course. The war's backers are obviously delighted to have this ad from which they can make an issue. "

This quote is from a column in Time written by Michael Kinsley, founder of Slate and noted caring and sensitive liberal. The column was in response to outrage over the ad attack General David Petraeus. You can read the whole piece of tripe HERE.

One has to wonder how such a supposed deep thinking, caring and sensitive person could take what were obviously emotional reactions and interpret them as if they were logical arguments? For most of us, the difference between logic and emotion are fairly obvious. Perhaps Mr. Kinsley has spent so much time wallowing in the pits of what passes for liberal logic that he can no longer tell the difference?

Abortion and the Left
Junior Gangbanger shots a pregnant woman for no reason other than she was driving a car that he wanted. He gets charged with one count of murder, right? Wrong. In most jurisdictions, he would be charged with TWO counts of murder - one for the woman and the other for the unborn fetus.

Jane Doe goes to Dr. Quickill to have her fetus aborted. Any way you cut it abortion results in the death of a living entity. Rather than being charged with murder, Dr. Quickill gets a nice check and Jane is off to pursue her life of self indulgence.

If Mr. Gangbanger is guilty of murder of the fetus, why isn't Jane Doe and Dr. Quickill similarly charged?

Furthermore, if a woman has the right to control her own body, then why is prostitution illegal? Using the logic of the pro abortion folks, she should be allowed to provide and charge for sexual services if she wants to. Where are the angry left voices protesting this obvious outrage?

Bush Is A Dummy
A recurring theme found on every left wing, socialist blog and news source is that President Bush is an idiot. However, these same sources are the first to implicate this supposed dummy in all manner of complex conspiracy including the 9/11 attacks.

Come on lefties - make your mind up. Can't have it both ways. He is either a dummy or he is isn't, which is it?


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