Friday, August 31, 2007

Selling Out America

The Federal Government, President Bush and the do-nothing Congress continue their headlong rush to sell out America and create a new North American Union. The most recent attack on the America that we grew up loving and defending is to allow 100 Mexican truck companies unfettered access to deliver their loads to anywhere in the US [Read More].

We are told that this "will save American consumers hundreds of millions of dollars". This is, quite simply, not true. Savings will result but consumers will never see a penny of it. The savings will line the pockets of the American and Mexican business owners.

What we are not told is that this will cause economic damage to America citizens, especially those who are involved in the trucking industry. The loads that the Mexican companies will be handling are those that are currently handled by American truckers and American companies. Fewer loads equals lower revenues. Lower revenue leads to fewer jobs and more empty American trucks. Fewer jobs means more unemployment and that leads to financial harm to the drivers who already are operating on thin margins. For the record, this also means fewer taxes being paid.

One wonders how long the Teamsters, American trucking companies and independent drivers will tolerate this situation? However, the responsibility to fight this fight this does not rest only on the back of the Teamsters. We all can take part in this fight. For instance, truck stop operators can refuse to service Mexican trucks. We can refuse to buy goods from companies that accept loads hauled cross country by Mexican trucks. We can demand that our so-call political leaders quit playing their little polpig games and take immediate action to stop this travesty.

We the people have stood mostly quiet while hundreds of thousands of America jobs have been shipped offshore to India, China and parts elsewhere. We stand around with our heads located somewhere in our nether regions as hundreds of thousands of legal aliens willing to work for far less than industry standards are brought in to take away jobs from American workers. And while we spoke loudly and told the el Presidente and the do nothing Congress that we would not accept amnesty for the 20 million illegal aliens currently in the United States, we have done little to push for ridding our country of the illegal criminal aliens or properly patrol our borders.

The defeat of the amnesty plan stands as a shining example of what can happen when Americans stand up to the polpigs and BigMedia. WE CAN MAKE THINGS HAPPEN but only if we are willing to speak out.

It is high time that we once again remind el Presidente Bush and the do nothing Congress that they work for us, the American people and that their primary job is to protect the interests of the American people instead of playing polpig games and running for higher office.

Our forebears understood that to keep our liberty and freedom, it is sometimes necessary for the individual to make sacrifices for the greater common good, that if one of us loses our freedom, we will all suffer the same loss. Isn't it about time we learned the same lesson?


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