Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Open Letter To Sen Coleman Regarding S 1369

June 28, 2007: Congratulations to Senator Coleman for coming back to the right side of this contentious issue. Thank you. By a very close 46 - 53 margin, the Senate today blocked passage of the Bush/Kennedy/Reid Amnesty Bill. This is a huge victory for all Americans and those immigrants who have cared enough to follow the rules and earn their citizenship.

Today the Imperial Senate voted to move forward with S. 1369, the amnesty for illegal criminal aliens bill. Several senators who had been holding the line either caved in or were bought off. Senator Norm Coleman is one of the turncoats.

We have sent messages to Senator Coleman but the chances that anyone other than a low level staffer will ever read them are minimal. Unfortunately, we are not donors and do not represent and special interest groups. If you agree with this message, please contact Senator Coleman immediately and tell him to vote against this travesty.

"Senator Coleman

It is with great disgust and anger that I note your backsliding vote on S 1369, the Amnesty Bill.

What ever you call it, this is an amnesty bill. It is an insult to all legal immigrants and citizens.

You Sir have betrayed the trust and desires of the people you are supposed to be representing choosing instead to side with special interests in pursuit of your own political goals.

While you obviously do not care what the majority of the citizens of this country and state think, I do want to inform you that we will not be supporting any future campaigns of yours for any position. Furthermore, we will be working to insure that you do not get re-elected even if it means voting for that clown Al Franken.

It is obvious why the Imperial Congress has an approval rating of only 14%."

Folks it is important that we all let the Imperial Senate know that we are against the Amnesty Bill, S. 1369. Please call or email your Senator right now and again tomorrow and the next day. Tell them that you are mad as hell and not going to take this crap anymore!


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