Tuesday, October 31, 2006

For The Love Of America

For The Love Of America

According to media pundits and talking heads, on November 7, 2006, Americans will be voting to punish the Republicans and President Bush. To do so, we supposedly are going to vote into power a sufficient enough number of liberal leftists to give the Democrats control of Congress.

Stop for just one moment and reread the first paragraph. Think about this in the cold light or reality. Rather than voting issues, we are supposedly going to vote emotions. Rather than thinking of the future of our country, we are going to throw a hissy fit, stomp our little footsies and vote against the bad man in the White House.

Despite the fact that poll after poll shows that the majority of Americans are against amnesty for illegal criminal aliens, against gay marriage, against higher taxes and against late term abortions, according to the pundits are about to elect into office the very people who are diametrically the opposite of what we are.

We find it hard to believe that Americans are so self-centered and small minded that we would cut our noses off to spite our faces. The American I believe in votes not to punish but for the future of America.

Please folks, think long and hard about your vote. Hopefully you will decide to vote for the future and not to punish. Hopefully you will remember that we are stuck with the liberals if we vote for punishment.

We pray that the America we believe in is not dead and that her citizens will stand up, act like adults and do what is best for our future.


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