Monday, May 08, 2006

Setting the Record Straight

Let's set the record straight: despite recent posts deservedly criticizing the Republican party, we DO NOT not endorse, support or recommend Democrats (aka liberals, leftists, progressives, socialists). Our disdain for polpigs and political parties most assuredly extends to and includes the minions of the Left.

Lying, cheating, stealing and stupidity are hardly the sole provence of Republicans. Bill Clinton used OUR White House as his private whore house. Hillary Clinton's record of lies, deceit and pandering makes Dick Cheney look like a choir boy. Nancy Pelosi is the living embodiment of the word "hypocrite". Ted Kennedy is a drunken killer who's wealth bought him a free pass. Harry Reid carries baggage every bit as distasteful and questionable as any Republican in Congress. Al Gore is great proof that idiocy does not live just on the right hand side of the aisle. Senator Byrd rode with the KKK.

Decades of Democrat policy have left us with wide open borders, a welfare state that is surely helping to rush our downfall, a public education system that slides further and further into mediocrity even as more money is shoveled into the funding abyss and a justice system that spends more to protect the rights of criminals than to protect the rights of victims of crime. And this folks is just the short list.

No, we do not endorse or support the Republicans or Democrats. In fact, we believe that political parties are one of the root reasons for a government that is out of control.

So just what the heck do we support?

A strong and abiding faith in Our Lord and Heavenly Father.

The ability of individual humans to exercise the free will that God gave us all to make the best life possible for ourselves and our communities.

The basic goodness inherent in most people. Sadly, this goodness is frequently masked by greed and avarice but despite the best attempts of the secular world to corrupt it, the goodness is still there. We are all part of God's masterpiece and that masterpiece is a work in progress.

The ability of voters to decide for themselves who are the best candidates without the influence peddling of the media and political parties.

What it all boils down to is this: only an idiot puts their faith in a secular government. Turn off the political ads. Delete the email requests for money. Ignore the union flyers. Rely upon God, prayer and common sense. These are the only things that you have that can not be taken away from you.


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