Saturday, February 04, 2006

Slap Shots for February 4, 2006

Who Am I

I have been arrested several times for speeding and drunken driving.

A friend once described me as "the weak kitten in the litter, never able to measure up to his brothers".

I was kicked out of Harvard for cheating.

My 4 year Army enlistment was reduced to 2 years thinks to my family's influence peddling.

While driving drunk and with an expired drivers license, I directly caused the death of another person, a crime my family bought my way out of.

I have pushed for stiff inheritance tax while I live off of a family trust, based on the island of Fiji, that avoids the inheritance tax.

I attack "big oil" despite the fact that my family benefits tremendously from investments in "big oil".

I am considered a leader or the liberal left in America.

I am Teddy Kennedy.

Teachers Sexually Abusing Students UPDATE

Here are some more links to reports of teachers accused of sexual misconduct and abuse of their students - your kids.



Ottawa Canada




As the reports of teachers, the very folks who you trust to educate and protect your children, sexually abusing students, we can not help but wonder why liberals, (aka leftist, progressives, Democrats), and their minions in media are not up in arms demanding action and filing lawsuits in the same manner that occurs when a priest is caught doing the same things? We can't help but wonder if the true goal of the left is not to protect the children but rather to destroy the Christian



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