Thursday, January 26, 2006

Slap Shots for January 26, 2006

Political Stupid Season Well Underway

Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York: "Judge Alito also holds a harshly limited view of what the government can or should do to help ordinary Americans. Judge Alito said it all in 1986, when he was a young lawyer in the Reagan administration. He wrote that in his estimation, it is not the role of the federal government to protect the health, safety and welfare of the American people. Well, I guess that explains the inept, slow and dangerous response to Hurricane Katrina."

Sad as may be, there is a certain group of supposed American citizens who do not believe in the ability of the individual, possessed of a strong faith in God and in the gifts He give us all, to fend for themselves. They are so afraid of accepting personal responsibility for their own future that they instead turn to a secular government as their object of worship and faith.

Sounds to us like that the Rose Law firm's most famous swindler, Hillary Clinton, is the candidate for these pathetic losers.

In the Nanny State We Trust

The list of notable failures of the government, especially at the federal level, easily fill the pages of several large volumes. LBJ's "Great Society" program which after several decades has done nothing more than cost taxpayers billions of dollars wasted on liberal societal engineering projects. Over 11 million ILLEGAL CRIMINAL aliens already in country with thousands more coming each day. Public education systems spewing out students who are not equipped with even the most basic of
skills necessary to compete in the real world. A tax system that treats citizens as guilty until proven innocent. Campaign reforms that have left the waters more muddied than ever. And so it goes.

In fairness, there have been some successes, mostly in the area of military actions. But overall, government gets very poor marks in almost every non-military area. Yet, many American liberals, (aka leftists, progressives, Democrats), continue to turn to the monolithic government to save their sorry butts.

And so many of us stand around with our hands in our pockets and let these misguided idiots lead us all down the path of destruction. Hell, many of us can't even be bothered to vote. You have to wonder if we aren't getting just what we deserve?

How is it that ...

Liberals, (aka leftists, progressives, Democrats), are eager to condemn Alito for positions he took in his younder days but are so darned quick to forgive their own. For instance, West Virginia's Sen. Byrd was a member of the anti-black, anti-jewish Klu Klux Klan but now is revered by the liberals as a great statesman. Sen. Kennedy's was personally and directly responsible for the wrongful death, some might call it murder, of Mary Jo Kopechne and has been a public humiliation to the Senate, Massachusetts and the United States. Yet liberals have accorded the reverence that once was reserved for truly great people.

Mom used to tell me that we are known by the company we keep. If this is true what does it say about liberals when you look at who they call their leaders?



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