Friday, January 20, 2006

Slap Shots for January 20, 2006

Dr. No or Elmer Fudd
Depending upon which leftist (aka liberal, progressive), is talking, President Bush is either the brightest man in the world capable of planning and coordinating a massive attempt to take over the US government or he is a complete idiot who finds chewing gum and walking at the same time a major challenge.

Come on Left - get your act together. Which is it? You can not have it both ways. Or is it that you are so easily manipulated that you can be controlled just like a puppet on a string?

OBL's Truce Offer
How anyone can take an offer of a truce from a man sworn to destroy our way of life is a mystery to me. If anything, OBL's truce offer is a strong indication that he is in trouble and losing the war. Rather than spending any time considering this offer, we should step up our efforts to take out his organization.

Instead, BigMedia will virtually cannonize the terrorist leader and the American left will once again fall into lockstep and follow the lead of the idiots in the press rooms.

The New NHL?
Following the Lost Season, the NHL has come back complete with new rules designed to improve the game, boost scoring and reward skill players.

While scoring is up, so are the number of penalties and subsequent power plays. More power plays, more goals.

In our opinion, the new rules are okay but the quality of officiating is suffering. Some games feature so many penalty calls, many of which are so minor or even mystery calls, that the game is even more boring than before the rule changes. The proof of this is in the attendance figures in cities like Phoenix, Atlanta, Buffalo, Nashville and many others.

Political Corruption - What else is new?
Do you actually think that only republicans have accept illegal funds? Do you believe that Congress became corrupted when Bush was first elected? If so, you should immediately be sent to live permanently in France.

This stuff goes on regardless of political party. Simply pay attention to who is actually taking flights on private jets (ALL OF THEM), or accepting funds from scum lobbyists including George Soros. Have we already forgotten the fund raising scandals or the pardons that were sold in exchange for hefty donations to Hillary's senate campaign, during the Clinton administration?

What can be done about the problem? A good start is strict term limits. We limit the President to two terms and yet there is no limit on how long Congress members can serve. The longer they serve, the more involved in the corruption they become. Send them home after two terms, along with their staffs and advisors. Ban them from taking jobs as professional lobbyists for at least two years after leaving office. While we are at it, strip away the fringe benefits they receive both during their term and when they leave office. Quit treating these people like some sort of royalty.

Here's a question for you: why are so many of us willing to put our faith in the words of lying politicians, government lackies or BigMedia but at the same time run away and hide when it comes to expressing faith in God?


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