Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Lies, Greed and Professional Politicians

I have no illusion that I speak for anyone other than myself. I suspect there are others that might agree but I do not pretend to be their spokesman. That said, I want to share some random thoughts about politics in America, in particular, what ticks me off the most.

1. I am sick and tired of professional politicians treating me as if I was a stupid fool with no more thought process than a sack of hammers. I know the difference between a tax, a fee and a rip-off.

2. I am sick and tired of huge spending bills, especially those loaded with pork. Do professional politicians all assume that we are so stupid that we can not tell what is waste and what is worthwhile?

3. It really ticks me off that no matter who we elect, once they are in office, they act as if the job is theirs for life and that the promises they made to get the job are secondary to assuring their re-election.

4. I am very disgusted with the entire political process in Washington D.C. Neither side of the aisle has a claim to virtue in this mess as both sides practice an extremism that serves only to protect the power of their political party.

5. I would rather be hit in the head with a board rather than listen to yet another round of posturing, sound bites and accusations which sadly pass for a review process of nominated judical candidates.

6. Nothing is more pathetic than a politician in search of handouts for their party and next campaign. They pander to any group that has a check book often at the expense of any ethics they might have pretended to have.

7. Is there anything more idiotic than a politician staying in office most of their adult lives? Regardless of what they tell us, the truth is they become disconnected from the common folks and begin to believe their own lies.

8. I deeply long for an end to political campaigns that never seem to conclude. For instance, this is 2005 and the campaigns for the 2008 Presidential race are already under way. Give us a break and have the decency to do your jobs and limit your campaigning to the few months preceding the actual election.

9. One last thing, at least for now, how about the lack of straight talk and honesty? Is there something about being a politician that makes it impossible to speak honestly and in simple, plain language? Are politicians so afraid to speak the truth that they will go to any extreme to disguise their actual words?

A fair question now would be : "what are you going do besides complain?".

Speaking for myself, I have completely disavowed any relationship to political parties. I will also not donate a single penny to any politician who has not proven to my satisfaction that they are the right person for the job. I will not let PACs, unions, special interest groups or pollsters tell me who to vote for nor will I be stupid enough to waste my vote over a single issue. I will refuse to participate in any political polls. I will question the motives and actions of any and all

Most of all I will remember that one of the most precious gifts all Americans have is the VOTE and I will use mine wisely. I owe that much to those who died to give us this gift.

And I will pray for the future of this great nation.


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