Monday, July 11, 2005

Time To Stock Up

Minnesota cigarette smokers are likely to be paying an additional 75 cents per pack TAX as soon as Wednesday, July, 13, 2005. This new TAX is intended to raise additional revenue for the state government to waste.

While it would appear that cigarette smokers have no recourse until the next elections, the fact is that we do have actions that we can take now and throughout the 14 months or so until the Clowns stand for election again.

For starters, stock up on smokes before the TAX goes into effect. As it looks right now, you will need to stock up by Tuesday night, July 12, 2005. The quickest way to send a message to spend-happy politicians is to take money away from them. By stocking up prior to the TAX going into effect, we will take some amount of the anticipated revenue. I have no idea how much of a financial impact this would cause but it is guaranteed that any dip in the TAX collections will be notice by state bean counters.

Once the TAX is in effect, there are other actions we can take. For instance, buy your smokes over the internet. If you live near the border, buy you smokes in a neighboring state. Live close to an Indian reservation? Buy your smokes there. And if you've been planning on quitting, do it now.

There are only two ways to get through to a politician. The first is to unelect them. The second is to take money away from them and reduce their ability to buy votes. Timidly sitting by and whining does nothing but invite more TAXES. For too long, cigarette smokers here in Minnesota as well as across the nation, have stood by while one government unit after another have removed our choices and our liberties with smoking bans even though smoking cigarette is perfectly legal everywhere in the U.S. We have complained. We have protested. We have whined and cried but we have also re-elected the same clowns who screwed us.

Nonsmokers had best remove their heads from their derrieres and realize that the never-ending government appetite for additional revenues to toss around is going to spread. Once the tobacco revenue is no longer enough to please the politicians, they will have to turn to other revenue sources and nonsmokers, that very well could be you. How will you feel if the next target is fast food or health club memberships or new fees (TAXES) for the use of state parks or increased income taxes or, well you get the idea. Some day your ox is the one that will be gored unless you stand up now and help smokers protect their rights now.


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