Thursday, June 23, 2005

Supremes Destroy Property Rights While Congress Fiddles

While our Congress bickers over a Constitutional Amendment banning flag burning, the Supreme Court has just delivered a serious blow to individual liberty and property rights [Source]. June 23, 2005 will go down in American history as a very sad day. To allow state and local governments to take away private property for use in private development is just plain wrong and opens the door to abuses and corruption. There is no bright side to this decision.

Given the importance that the Founders placed upon personal liberty and private property rights, it would seem that our Congress would be doing everything in their power to protect these rights. That is, after all, part of their job and something that they take an oath to perform. Instead, our Congressional Clowns are busy bickering over a Flag Burning Amendment, a least when they are not busy arguing over judical appointments or taking one of their many vacations.

The right of individuals to own private property and to be protected against the government taking it for any purpose that clearly defined public requirements, is fundamental to our way of life. Until now, only those projects that benefitted the public qualified for eminent domain. This included new roads, water treatment facilities, hospitals and other easily defined public benefits. Now eminent domain can be used to take a citizens property to make way for private economic development using the logic that increased property taxes is a clearly defined public good. In
other words, it is okay to take your home to make way for yet another strip mall as long as the local government gets a few more property tax dollars to waste.

For those unfortunate folks who have their private property confiscated, some might say stolen, by their local government can take great comfort in knowing that the Congressional Clowns are hard at work making sure that burning the US Flag is a crime.

Burn the flag and go to jail. Steal a person's property and collect extra property tax. Sure seems like something is out of whack.

It is long past time for the American people to quit whining and unite in an effort to restore our government to the original form as specified by the Founders. We while we are busy whining and crying over minor issues, our Country is being destroyed at an ever increasing pace. It is long past time to pass term limits and then clean house and sweep these clowns and idiots out of office and send a new slate of elected officials to Washington DC and our local state houses.


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