Saturday, May 21, 2005

Lied To, Screwed and Not Even A Kiss Afterwards

Politicians find it almost impossible to speak in plain english and even harder to tell the truth or keep a promise. Today's star political performer is none other Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. Not only has Pawlenty performed just about as expected for a politician, namely lied and broken a promise that he made to get himself elected, he has boldly demonstrated that he believes that Minnesotans are a stupid lot, incapable of telling the difference between a "fee" and a "tax".

The man who ran for office on a 'no new taxes' promise has proposed a 75 cents per pack tax on cigarettes calling it a "health impact fee" [Source]. Mustering up all the fake sincerity learned from years as a politician, the Governor was quoted as saying, "I believe this is a user fee. Some people are going to say it is a tax. I'm going to say that it is a compromise and a solution". Actually Governor, about the only ones who will be able to claim with a straight face that this is a "fee" and not a "tax" are your fellow politicians and the brain-dead minions of the hard core left.

Governor, you can paint it red and put fancy decals on a VW Bug but that still does not make it a Ferrari. This is a TAX. Just how stupid do you think we are? Do you think that if you put 10 pounds of horse manure on a plate and called it a steak that we would happily dig in?

Undoubtedly the Minnesota chapter of big media will credit the Governor with showing great courage for being willing to abandon his promise but the simple truth is that it takes no courage to break a promise. It takes no courage to lie nor is performing a political spin dance worthy of PT Barnum an act of courage. It is about as much as we have come to expect from professional politicians but it is not what we expect from a man of principle or from a true leader.

Minnesota elected this republican governor and his buddies in the House and Senate in large part due to two promises. The first promise, to live within the current budget was broken almost right from the start of this session. Now the second promise, no new taxes, is history. About all that is left is for the Minnesota republican party to officially announce it's merger with the liberal Democrats that have cursed this state for so long.

Besides breaking his promise, the Pawlenty has decided that the 25% of adult Minnesotans who enjoy smoking will be used to balance the outrageously bloated budget. Rather than cut the budget or even just live within the current revenue, Pawlenty has targeted a portion of the state's population to pick up the tab for the lack of guts and discipline that runs rampant in the State house. One can only wonder which group of citizens will be targeted next when this cash cow is milked dry?

Should we be surprised that yet another politician has brazenly broken a promise and lied to us? Not at all. In politics this is called 'business as usual'. In the best of all worlds, the voters would remember the lies, the broken promises, the political game playing and come election day, toss out every elected official and start over with a new batch who's first act would be to enact strict term limits for all elected officials. Barring Divine Intervention, this ain't going to happen but we can at least hope that enough voters remember the lies and actually go to the polls on election day and try to reclaim some control over the three ring circus that politics has become.

Remember Governor, if it barks and wags it's tail, it is a dog. Not a monkey, not a squirrel, not a bird.


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