Friday, March 25, 2005

Doing the Fed's Job For Them

You might not believe it when you look, but there really are only a few specific jobs assigned to the federal government by our Founders. One of the assigned tasks is to protect our nation and our borders from those that would do us harm or that might be trying to enter this country illegally. To say that the government is failing miserably on this task is to understate the situation.

Before going much further, it is important to know that it is not the brave men and women of the Border Patrol units that are failing. They are significantly understaffed and grossly under funded. Rather than providing the resources necessary to properly protect our borders, the Congressional Clowns have chosen instead to lavish billions of dollars on pork barrel projects intended to assure their re-election. Compounding the failure is President Bush who continues to not only protect illegal criminal aliens currently in country, but to make it easier for even more to violate our borders.

When the federal government refuses to properly do it's duty, it is up to the individual states to take care of the job. It is to the everlasting credit of the government of the state of Arizona and her citizens that they have started to address this runaway problem with tougher legislation. As expected, these efforts are meeting with resistance from various quarters, including the multitude of Latino activists groups that have sprung up in the southwest. Their latest attempt to have Arizona back down is to call for a boycott against Arizona and the businesses located in that state [Read more]. It is surely only a matter of time until the Congressional Clowns attempt to placate the troublemakers and water down Arizona's attempt to do the job that Congress is supposed to be doing.

We are tired of Congress fiddling around and doing nothing. We applaud the people of Arizona and we are calling upon those that agree that the flow of illegal criminal aliens must be stopped to support the citizens and businesses of Arizona. This problem is nothing less than a disease that must be cured and we the people will have to provide the cure without the help of our duly elected President and Congress.



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