Monday, March 21, 2005

Congressional Shame Knows No Limits

In an extraordinary effort, The Federal Congress has passed and President Bush has signed the so-called "Schiavo Law". This measure says that the parents of Terry Schiavo can go to federal court to argue that removing the feeding tube from Terry violates her rights under the U. S. Constitution. Supporters of this measure hope that a federal court will issue a temporary order restoring her feeding tube while the case is heard in federal court.

Before going any further, let me state that our prayers go out to Terry and her family. For 15 years, they have have struggled with Terry's condition and amongst themselves over Terry would want to continue life in a persistent vegetative state. We do not doubt for a moment the sincerity of her husband and family as they struggle to do what they believe to be right for Terry. We pray that their decisions will be guided by God's Wisdom.

We do not give the same credit for sincerity to the politicians and others seeking to use this woman's condition and the suffering of her family to further their personal agenda's.

For seven years, this case has been through one court after another. Squadrons of medical personnel have reviewed and tested Terry to try and determine the true nature of her condition and prospects for ever recovering. I doubt that anyone has an accurate count of the money and time spent to try and determine what is the right and legal actions to take. Without rehashing the entire case, the end result of this process was a decision that her feeding tube could be removed. This was done by the letter of the law and medical ethics. In other words, the rules that we agree to live by were followed. However, once the process was complete, Congress decided that it needed to get involved in a state issue. We can not help but wonder why?

Stripping the emotionalism away, the actions of Congress amount to nothing less than the Congressional Clowns overstepping the limits of their power and inserting the federal government even further into the lives of private citizens. The Congressional Republicans and President, rumored to be conservatives and in favor of a smaller federal government, have once again stabbed true conservatives in the back. We can not help but wonder why?

Tom Delay has been a vocal leader in the move to pass "Terry's" law. Is it a coincidence that DeLay is also under heavy pressure over questionable political practices in Texas and needed to deflect attention from his own problems? Is it any coincidence that opinion polls show Congressional ratings nearing record lows? In another display of hypocrisy, many of members of Congress who voted for "Terry's" law are also strong supporters of abortion - it is okay to kill over 40 million babies but we have to insert the federal government into this case to save one life. Is there anyone who doubts that Congress is acting upon purely political motivations and trying to gains some public relations points?

This Congress has now established a very dangerous precedent. How are they going to say "no" the next time an issue like this surfaces? For the record, many families make this decision daily. Unlike Congress, they seek out the advice of medical professionals who have in-person experience with their case. The argue over it. They litigate over it. Some pray and ask for wisdom. And all without the intervention of Big Brother and the Congressional Clowns.

As deep as the shame that should rightfully be heaped upon Congress, an equal share should be assigned to the so-called conservatives and small government supporters who support the intrusion in the private lives of private American citizens. To all of you so-called social conservatives (whatever the heck that means), shame on you. You can not have it both ways. You accuse the left of allowing emotions to override emotions and now you are doing the same thing. You run into a tough emotional issue and immediately throw away the values that you claim to believe in.

We do not pretend to be doctors or lawyers but we do understand that we are a nation of laws and that only by following those laws will we continue to be a republic. We can clearly see career politicians jumping on a bandwagon. We can clearly see various groups using a deeply private issue to further their own agendas. We can clearly see the weaknesses in the professed beliefs of social conservatives. We can clearly see when something is wrong and folks, "Terry's" law is wrong.

God does not make mistakes. We will live precisely as long God ordains for us and no act of Congress will ever be able to change that. We strongly urge the federal courts to reaffirm the legitimacy of the states rights and the current process. We also strongly urge the Congressional Clowns to quit screwing around and get back the business that they are paid to deal with.



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