Monday, March 14, 2005

Congress takes on Big Steroids

Just about the time that you think our elected officials have tried every way possible of wasting time, sucking up publicity and avoiding doing anything substantial, the Congressional Clowns come up with something new. For instance, now they are spending our money and taking time away for the job we elected them to do in order to investigate steroid use amongst baseball players.

The Government Reform Committee headed by Tom Davis, R-Va. has issued subpoenas by the sack full and demands for documents to keep a small army of law clerks busy for weeks. The might and power of Congress is poised to attack the forces of evil and anarchy by taking on Big Steroids. We can all sleep better this evening.

Our borders are a sieve through which anyone can walk through without a care in the world. Our tax system has become a monster that exists only to confiscate the earnings of working folks. Our military is spread thin fighting the terrorists who killed over 3,000 of us 9/11. And Congress is worried about steroid use in major league baseball.

Yes folks, all is right in the world, our Congressional Clowns have the circus running at full speed and are busily discovering new ways to waste our tax dollars.

Sleep well knowing that you are being protected against the evils of Big Steroids.


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