Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Silly Season Continues: Now It's "Kids First"

When politicians are looking for money or trying to cover up the fact that they are unable to get anything serious done or are trying to coverup their own actions, there are certain tried and true bromides that can be trotted out to create a smoke screen. None has been more effective in recent years than "It's For The Kids". No matter what it is, simply attach "For The Kids" to it and you've got instant mainstream media coverage and an outpouring of emotional support. Once the "For The Kids" banner is run up the flagpole, any who question the logic are quickly branded as hate mongers or child haters.

For the good of The Kids, we're going to raise your taxes to pay teachers more money. We're going to take away your parental rights for the good of The Kids. We're not going to let you have a gun in your own house for the good of The Kids.

Never one to walk away from free publicity and stacks of cash donations, Presidential wannabe John Kerry has taken the lead in the U.S. Senate with his Kids First initiative, complete with mass emails, a Kids First phone line and Congressional hearings. Heck, if you took anything Kerry said seriously, you'd think our children were being worked in slave labor 16 hours a day and no parent was capable of caring for their own children.

And what is Senator Kerry's great plan for "The Kids"? Stripping away all of the politically correct rhetoric and emotional loaded weasel words, it comes down to increase the government's control of our family lives. Kerry and his supporters would have us believe that the same bureaucracy that brought us the IRS, bloated budgets, failed social experiments, gun control, Waco, as well as a horrendously long list of other failures, is in the best position to tell us how to raise our children and care for our children. Needless to say, this also means that we have to pay more taxes for the privilege of having bureaucrats tell us what to do.

It is hardly surprising that something like this would pop up from Washington DC. What is surprising is that so many fall for this garbage and never question the wisdom or logic of anything as long as it is "For The Kids".


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