Sunday, May 01, 2005

Why is the Left so afraid of faith?

Why are the leftist activists, mainstream media and secular humanists so afraid of Christianity, especially those Christians who happen to be conservative and who happen to actually practice their Christian faith? What is it about the the forces of the Left to attempt to marginalize the role of religion in our society, our individual lives and our government?

America was founded by men and women of faith who clearly and distinctly understood that as blessed as mankind was, we were still, first and foremost, subject to the Word of the Lord. So firmly did these brave souls believe that they were willing to put their lives and material wealth at risk to establish a land where religion could be freely practiced, not a land free of religion.

Now we find amongst us a collection of misguided leftists who fear religion. They fear the power of the individual who truly believes in something, anything at all especially God and His Son Jesus Christ. They fear a clear definition of right and wrong and go to great lengths to condemn those who do believe that the line between right and wrong is clearly laid out for us by God. They fear a population that believes in God and is willing to stand firm against the onslaught of secular humanism and so-called modern thinking.

Times change folks. Technology brings about changes in our lives on an almost daily basis. Yet only those those who's faith is weak and who place what little real faith they have not in God but in mankind are so foolish as to believe that changing times also means changing faith and reality. The Word of God is the same today as it was in 1865, 1776 and moment of time before.

People of faith have been a target for the left for some time and indications are that the secularists are becoming so fearful that they will intensify their attacks. The rare politicians who hold firm to a true faith in God will be ridiculed while those that practice a faith that is based upon the current fads in thinking and in the absence of absolutes will be hailed as great leaders.

People of faith will be told that we are wrong to hold our beliefs and that we should be happy to have a secular government, stripped of all moral principle, tell us how to live our lives and how to raise our young.

This is not about politics - never before have so many politicians tried so hard to deny the role of faith in our lives, our society and our government. Regardless of party affiliation, they will issue warnings of gloom and doom at the embedding emergence of a "Theocracy". No, this is not about politics or what poll drives what actions from our elected representatives.

This is about Faith, about believing that all men were created by God regardless of the Name by which we call Him. This is about believing that God grants to each of us free will and individual freedom to decide how we will live our lives and raise our families. How willing we are to put aside our obsession with the material world and defend our Faith will determine the future of this great country. Our willingness to defend our Faith with word and deed will determine if we remain a nation of free men and women or if we become the shining star of the crass, materialistic secular left.

Pray for guidance in seeing and following in the path He has set out before us. Pray for the strength to resist the temptations of easy morality and a world where there is no clear right and wrong. Pray for the courage to risk all, as the Founders were willing to do, to defend our country, our culture, our lives and our very souls.


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