Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Doping Our Kids Ain't Right

Besides being the site of horrific killings of students and staff by students, what do Columbine and Red Lake have in common? In both cases, the shooters were using antidepressant drugs.

The practice of stuffing our young full of powerful drugs to treat behaviour problems is becoming widespread and should - no MUST - alarm every parent with a child in a public school. At a time in their lives were they are forming their own moral and ethical beliefs, our kids are being pumped full of dangerous drugs simply because they do not conform to some adults pattern or because they are perceived of as being unmanageable.

The teen years have always been a time when kids explore new thoughts and ideas and, sometimes, stray from the path we would like to see them follow. This is a normal part of growing up. It is not something that should be dealt with by the use of powerful mind control drugs. It is a time where the adults in a child's life must make the time it takes to understand what their kids are going through and provide them with support and guidance, not drugs to control the kids actions.

The spreading practice of doping up kids is just one part of an even more alarming trend, the insertion of the government, NGOs and teachers unions in the raising of our babies. One can not help but wonder why there are not legions of parents and conservative activists raising holy hell and demanding a stop to these practices. Fortunately, there are a few who are fighting the fight on our behalf but they can not do it all nor should they have to.

We here at Defenders, both the web site and the blog, have decided that it is time that we put our money where our mouth is. We are offering our support to folks fighting to protect our families from the oppression and control of the government and various non-governmental organizations. We will also be adding links resources and information in our Stack. Keeping watching the site and blog for further information.


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