Thursday, May 12, 2005

Screwed by Republicans AGAIN

We expect the Minnesota DFL and other leftists to vote to raise taxes: these folks have never met a tax they didn't love and could not live within a budget if their lives depended upon it. So it was no surprise when leftists in the Minnesota House of Representatives voted to support a 10 cents per gallon gas tax increase. What was mildly surprising was that the measure passed due to support from "moderate republicans" [Read

Taxes in Minnesota are already high. It was promises of lowering the taxes and learning how to live within budget that convinced voters to elect a Republican majority to the state House. Given that state revenues increases about 8% per year without tax increases, this does not seem like an unrealistic request. Most voters would give their eye teeth for an 8% raise each year. But these elected clowns just do not seem able to say "no" to any spending request especially if the request is for one leftist cause or another (such as Smart Growth).

Once again, Republicans have let us down. This time it was the so-called "moderate republicans". These are the clowns who sit on the fence and are far removed form any vestige of fiscal responsibility or conservative thought. When a politician is unwilling or unable to take a tough stand, they are called "moderates". When Republicans side with tax and spend liberals, they are called "moderates". When they screw the voters who sent them to office expecting them to cut spending and reduce government size, they are called "moderates".

We prefer the term "coward".

It takes conviction and courage to make a promise and keep it as the House Republicans did at the start of the session when they promised to live within the budget and revenue levels. It is not easy to stand for something when leftist politicians, special interest groups and media are dragging your name through the mud. It does not take courage or conviction to sit on the fence.

To date, Republican's in both the state Senate and House have emulated their brethren at the national level and done nothing to prove that they believe in smaller government, lower taxes and personal liberty. What they have done is clearly demonstrate to the voters of Minnesota that there is no difference between the Republicans and the leftists and that they do not deserve our votes.


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