Monday, June 20, 2005

The Lies and Denials Continue

Sen. Dick Durbin, Dem, Illinois, seems to have a hard time getting his words right. The number 2 Democrat in the Senate has now issued at least two wildly different apologies/excuses for his comments likening US troops to Nazis.

"It's not that my remarks were wrong or that there's any need for apology," Durbin told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Friday. "It's the fact that [my critics] have successfully twisted them out of context."

Let's see if we get this straight. Durbin compares our troops and their actions to Nazis. The public and the free media properly calls him on his own words and demands an apology. Dickie D. apologies and then decides to take back his apology and, in the finest tradition of leftist worldwide, blame others for his problem. In this instance, at least as the so-called leader and public servant tells the story, it is the vast right wing conspiracy that is twisting his words.

Sorry Dickie D. but your crap simply does not float. If you have neither the moral backbone or courage to stand up like a man and answer for your comments, then maybe it is time that you slink back into the slime and ooze from which you emerged. Leave the public stage and your spot at the public trough and go back to being just another bitter, unsatisfied, wacko leftist. The rest of us have lives to live and sure don't need any more of your lies and posturing.


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