Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Seek Forgiveness For What?

About the only people in Minnesota who believe the Minneapolis Star Tribune, aka Red Star, is a fair and balanced news provider are the staff of the paper itself. Never was this was more obvious then in an editorial titled "Memorial
Day/Praise bravery, seek forgiveness"
and published May 30, 2005, Memorial Day.

The premise of this piece of tripe is familiar to those who have heard the never ending stream of anti-American rhetoric from the Left. "Bush lied. We had no reason to go to war with Iraq. We are so evil and should beg forgiveness from the world." Overlooked, of course, are the results of our actions. We have rid the world of Saddam Hussien, a proven murderer and a man who started wars with his neighbors and used poison gas (a weapon of mass destruction) on his own people. Free elections in Iraq and Afghanistan. Steps towards democracy in Egypt.

Also overlooked is that the bloodshed in Iraq is not something that the US is initiating but is the actions of murderous terrorists that the Red Star generously refers to as 'insurgents', most of whom are not even Iraqis.

This is one American who is sick and damned tired of the Left painting America as an evil warlord hell bent on world domination when the truth is that no other nation has provided as much aid and support to the needy peoples of the world than America. No other nation can match our track record for sharing our wealth. None. Nada. Zilch.

Why does the Left and it's mouthpieces like the Minneapolis Star Tribune persist in their attempts to make America the world's bad guy? Because they can. And why can they? Because we continue to provide financial support for them with our subscriptions and by dealing with their advertisers. Only when we change our habits and withdraw our support will these defeatist voices be silenced.

Beg for forgiveness? Kiss my derriere Star Tribune.


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