Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Senate Repubs Fold AGAIN

With the so called compromise agreement on Judical nominees and the use of filibusters, Senate Republicans, led by John McCain, have once again rolled over and played dead for the Left. And for what? Three nominees out of ten?

Let's be very clear about what was agreed to: Republicans will give up the so-called nuclear option in exchange for up-or-down votes on three nominees. The Left agrees to continue doing what they have been doing. America loses but who are the winners?

An obvious winner is the Left. They have shown that even though they are a minority, they have more moxie and control then the majority Republicans. Another winner, if you call it that, is John McCain who now will wallow in a media love fest and use this to launch his presidential bid.

Is this why Republicans were elected, to roll over and play dead for the Left? Is this the leadership we voters thought we were gaining? Did we really want a bunch of media hungry, fence-sitting pollpigs holding Senate jobs? We might just as well have elected Leftists.

Shame on you Senate Republicans. In your lust for the adoration of the media and quest for personal power, you have betrayed the very people who elected you in the first place.

We will not forget


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