Friday, July 08, 2005

America's Enemies: Political Parties

The words of our first President, George Washington, regarding political parties, is very appropriate for our times.

"Political parties (factions) are a source of corrupting evil, perhaps the greatest threat our new nation faces. Government leaders must be elected on their reputations for disinterested public service … [they] must pursue no partisan program ... [their] only aim should be for the good of the nation as a whole."

The truth of Washington's warnings are obvious to one and all. Perhaps no better real life example can be found than in the U. S. Senate where party loyalty is considered a virtue and loyalty to America is non-existent. The leftists, aka liberals or progressives, vote the way the Democratic party tells them they should. The other side of the aisle is controlled by the Republican party where voting in lockstep is just as common as on the Democratic side.

The major political parties have become sources of corruption, deceit and moneygrubbing antics. Neither party really cares about America as she was intended to be nor do they really give a damn about the American people. All they care about is power - obtaining and keeping it.

For those of us who routinely vote based upon party affiliation or because our union told us to vote for a particular party, we are getting just what we asked for. Politicians who can not tell the whole, simple truth. Politicians who spend more time raising money for their campaigns then they do tending to the nations business. Politicians who vote the party line and not the way the majority of people demand.

While the Supreme Court has destroyed the concept of ownership of private property, our elected representatives have done absolutely nothing to firmly reinstate this basic right. They have, however, worried profusely and publicly over the comfort of the murdering terrorists being held at Gitmo.

While the backlog in the Federal courts system has grown, our elected officials have done almost nothing to ease the situation by actually granting a YES/NO vote to appointees. They have, however, not failed to attend countless fund raisers for their political parties.

While our borders crossed by thousands of illegal criminal aliens weekly, Congress has done nothing. While the majority of the American people have demanded a crackdown of the flow of illegal criminal aliens, what we have received is more posturing and lies all organized along strict political party lines.

Of all of the internal problems facing our great nation, none is more serious that then power and corruption of the political parties and their allies. This is the single most significant reason that common sense measures designed to deal with our problems are impossible to achieve. When a politician's loyalty is to their political party and not to America, it is impossible for the American Dream to exist. Allowed to continue in this manner, our nation will crumble and fall without a shot ever having been fired.


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