Saturday, June 25, 2005

Are You Anrgy Enough To Do Something Yet?

This will be short and sweet.

The Supreme Court has gone off of the deep end. Once the protector of the Constitution, the Supreme Court has clearly shown itself to be an enemy of the people hellbent on dismantling our Republic in favor some socialist utopia. No single decision in recent years has more clearly demonstrated than the recent decision support the expansion of eminent domain allowing units of government to confiscate private property to support private development projects. With just this single decision, as Justice Sandra Day O'Connor put it, church property can be taken for a Costco, a farm can be turned into a factory, and a neighborhood can be leveled for a shopping mall.

Of the nine members of the Supreme Court, one stands out as particularly deserving of criticism: Justice Anthony Kennedy. While Kennedy was only one of five votes, he has also been one of the more vocal proponents of individual and property rights, at least on the lecture circuit. To quote Justice Kennedy, "individual freedom finds tangible expression in property rights." And yet he voted to destroy the very right that he has so often held up as crucial to our way of life.

Since members of the Supreme Court are appointed for life, there is little we can do to remove traitors such as Justice Kennedy. But we can take this issue seriously and lean as hard as is humanly possible on local politicians to pass legislation to protect the rights of the individual to own and control property. We can work to make sure that no local unit of government is ever allowed to confiscate personal property without consequence, such as being removed from office.

Ultimately, the defense of this Country is the responsibility of the citizens. While our federal government fields a military to protect our borders and foreign interests, we the people must come together as an army to defend our way of life and the founding principles of this great nation. It is a war folks, a war that if lost, will result in the death of America. It is a war that must be fought with the gloves off, using any weapon we can. Our voices, Our votes. Our labor. We must quit bickering amongst ourselves and fighting small grass fires while the country burns around us.

In the secular world, there is no more powerful force than a motivated American population. When we come together, no one or nothing can stand in our way and this includes our own corrupt government and political system. We are not powerless peons dependent upon a nanny state for our survival. We are not morons unable to thing for ourselves. We are not puppets who's strings can be pulled by unions, media and politicians. We are not insecure children who tremble at the sound of any foreign voice of disapproval. We are Americans and when we work together, with God on our side, we are unbeatable. Isn't it time we started acting like Americans.


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