Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Attacked

Reports from London are starting to come in indicating that multiple bombs were exploded against civilian transportation targets. To be honest, the reports are rather jumbled right now: how many attacks, how many bombs, how many dead and injured are all being reported differently by various sources (Fox, SkyNews, BBC, Scotland Yard).

Rather than add to the current confusion, we are going to report only that multiple attacks have happened and that full details will be available once the situation stabilizes.

Most importantly, we want to tell the wonderful people of London and the UK that our hearts and prayers go out to them. We are praying for your welfare and safety. We admire your strength and calmness at this time of crisis. Regardless of what transpires between government, please know that the American people stand behind you, are praying for you and will work together with you to track down and destroy the terrorists responsible for these attacks upon innocent civilians.

Times such as these provide a clear and stark difference between the courage, strength and compassion of those attacked and the cowardice and lunacy of the attackers. It takes no courage to kill innocent civilians and to attempt to generate panic and terror amongst unarmed and defenseless men, women and children. These are the actions of cowards and rabid animals.

In the coming days we will hear countless claims and counter claims. We undoubtedly will see masked cowards claiming credit but afraid to identify themselves. We will hear demands that have no realistic chance of ever being taken seriously. We will hear stories of courage amongst the survivors and emergency response teams. And hopefully, we will hear that those responsible for these attacks and murders have themselves been tracked down and eliminated with extreme prejudice.


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