Monday, July 18, 2005

So damned tired and frustrated

As we enter the dog days of summer, the time when the heat and humidity climb and even the dogs don't want to move too much, I find myself reaching levels of frustration with the current political messes, the social engineering and the outright lies presented as news by Big Media. Trying to muster up even the slightest level of desire to write about much of what is going on is difficult at best. At times like this, a general rant seems in order.

I wish I could wave a magic wand and make the American Left disappear in a cloud of SUV exhaust gases. The constant hate-filled diatribes from Kennedy, Kerry, Clinton, CNN, NY Times, ACLU and rest of the pack of puppies nipping at our heels have just about burned me out. Is it asking these maladjusted, bitter, neohippies to just "shut the hell up", too much to ask?

History is what history is. It is our past and it is crucial to record and teach history accurately if we are to learn from our past successes and failures. The Left however, believes that history needs to be rewritten to suit their political agendas. The only role for political correctness in history is as a dark footnote as yet another failed attempt by the Left to mold America to their socialist vision. "Leave our history alone." Many of us are proud of our history, even with the flaws.

I am sick and tired of the Left labeling anyone who wants to stop the surge of illegal criminal aliens across our border with Mexico, a racist. This is no more racist then wanting to stop a thief of color from breaking into your home. Close the border. Round up and get rid of all illegal criminal aliens. Then and only then consider a limited guest worker program.

The great "Karl Rove Controversy" is currently the biggest non-issue of the summer. Come on folks, take the time to look at the facts, see that this is nothing but another Leftist smokescreen designed to hide their attempts to further corrupt our government.

I am sick and tired of Leftist pollpigs launching attacks dripping with hate and venom. Please, someone put a muzzle on Peluso, Kennedy, Dean et. al.

Given my choice of a Christian theocracy or a secular bureaucracy, I'll go with the theocracy ever time. Life requires a strong moral and ethical grounding. This grounding is a product of our beliefs and faith. I am not at all willing to except morals and ethics being established by a government made up of lying politicians and bureaucrats or dictate by the "me-first" neohippies of the Left.

The economy is going great and has been doing so for nine straight quarters. Come on Big Media - how about reporting the truth without first applying your liberal filters?

American is a the greatest nation in the world. We are the largest source of charitable donations to the rest of the world. We have shed the blood of our young warriors to defend freedom loving people across the globe. We have flaws but even the flaws are outweighed by the good. I really do wish the Left would quit blaming America for every ill known to mankind. Quit apologizing for things that happened decades or even centuries ago. If you really think America is such a bad country, please do not let the door hit you on the ass as you leave.

The leading lights of Babylon, aka Hollyweird, seems to think that making a movie qualifies them to be a political activist when the truth is that many of them have the intellectual abilities of a sack of hammers. Please, just stick to making movies and quit trying to be political leaders.

We are capable of great and wonderful achievements. The Good Lord has blessed us all with gifts and skills that if used together, in faith and with committment, can make the world an ever improving place to live. As long as we allow the Left to dominate the conversation, flood the airwaves with garbage and control the political process, the potential for greatness will never be realized.

Folks, let's do ourselves a big favor and ignore the rants of the Left. Let's stop buying liberal newspapers. Turn off CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and the rest of the alphabet gang. Take some time to find good things to enjoy and celebrate together.

Things like listening to baseball on a small transistor radio while smoking a cigar on a fine summers eve. Like sharing Lance Armstrong's heroic attempt to further his conquest of cancer by winning a seventh Tour de France. Like the sweet, intoxicating scent of puppy breath. Like playing with your kids or taking a long walk with the one you love. Like being free to kneel in worship in the way that you want to. Like living in the greatest nation ever to exist.

Enjoy the dog days of summer folks. Forget the media and political bovine excrement. Take time to refresh and renew your faith and your family ties.


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