Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What Goes Around ...

Bill Kristol is reporting that the "mood is bleak" in the White House [READ MORE]. Well, there is an old saying that seems to cover the situation: "what goes around, comes around".

During his first six years in office, President Bush has betrayed millions of conservative voters. The list of positives coming from this Republican administration (and Congress), are so small as to be negligible while the list of betrayals grows almost daily.

He has caved into the Left on many cases, (Kennedy's education plan for instance), gone directly against his campaign promises (control of illegal criminal immigrants), and allowed scandals to go without resolution for months and years, (the CIA leak case involving White House insiders Rove and Libby).

He has signed off on an unprecedented expansion of the Federal government, (Department of Homeland Security), near record pork barrel spending and massive, convoluted laws that revoke the very rights and liberties we elected him to protect, (Patriot Act 1 and 2).

The economy is doing okay but let us be honest - whether the economy goes well or not is secondary to protecting and living by the principles as set forth in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Articles of Confederation and Federalist Papers. What good are a few bucks in your pocket if the FBI can enter your home while you are gone, without a proper warrant issued by a judge, and plant a keyboard mapper on your PC just because they have a vague idea that you might be doing something wrong? What good is money without the liberty to use those funds as you see fit?

Now President Bush goes against his own word by standing by staff who are about to be indicted by a grand jury. True, this does not make them guilty but it gives our enemies, both foreign and on the American Left, an easy target to use to distract people from the real issues. And, after all, he did say after the corruption of the Clinton administration, he would not tolerate even a hint wrongdoing.

And finally, he nominates someone to the Supreme Court who is not at all like what we believed he nominate would when we voted for him. Remember, one on the biggest reasons given to support Bush was for these very choices. We were told that almost nothing was more important and look how he responds.

He has lied to and betrayed the American people and now karma is catching up with him.

I can find absolutely no reason to be concerned for the President or any of his gang of political henchmen. They will reap what they have sown.


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