Friday, October 07, 2005

Right Wing Talking Heads Learning How To Whine

We have been watching Tom DeLay's mounting legal problems with great interest. Charges, counter charges, press conferences, accusations - in other words, politics as usual. But what we do find interesting is the expectation of many so-called right wing talking heads and leaders that anyone who considers themselves a Republican or a conservative will rush to express outrage and support on behalf of DeLay simply because he claims to be a conservative. It is obvious that the leading voices of the right wing have learned how to whine and cloud an issue from their peers on the left.

Tom DeLay will receive his day in court. This is as it should be. He does not need me to call my Senator or make a donation to one of the multitude of groups with their hands out. He does not need me to encourage others to write letters of protest or support. If our legal system is going to work as we expect it to, then there is not a damned thing I can do to affect the process.

Rather than making this into a big whinefest or yet another so-called political crisis, we believe that the best course of action is for DeLay to face his accusers in court, present his case and if found guilty, take his medicine like a man and serve his sentence. No press conferences. No rapidly created political action groups. No whining.

We also believe that the leading voices of the right wing, including Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, should quit trying to paint this a major political drama upon which rests the future of the republic. Prove for once that you actually do believe in the American justice system and quit trying to paint this as left versus right.

If our justice system works, then this whole matter is rather simple. A grand jury has brought an indictment. This does not prove guilt. DeLay is considered innocent until proven guilty and will get his day in court. That is how it is supposed to work for all of us including those who consider themselves to be a part of the ruling political class.

Personally, we don't care what happens in DeLay's case. In the grand scope of things, this is about as unimportant of an item as we can think of. Yet another professional, lifetime politician is accused of breaking the very laws they help pass. A jury will decide if he is guilty or not. Regardless of their decision, life will continue unabated. Politicians will still lie and work against the public interest and will. In other words - SNAFU (situation normal, all f%%ked up).


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