Sunday, January 22, 2006

Slap Shots for January 22, 2006

Big Media Biased
A source of amusement around here is noticing how many things Big Media chooses to not report. For instance, there is a major scandal brewing in Canada involving the sale of tainted blood by officials of the state of Arkansas [READ MORE]. At the heart of the scandal is a former governor of Arkansas, our own former President, William "Bubba" Clinton. That Clinton is implicated in yet another scandal is hardly a surprise nor is the lack of coverage in Big Media particularly unexpected. What is surprising is that with examples such as this how anyone can doubt that Big Media is not biased in favor of leftists (aka liberals, progressives, Democrats).

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Who Should Be Allowed To Vote?
Should only contributing members of a society be allowed to vote or should voting be be open to anyone regardless of contribution, education or interest? It seems only proper that those who decide the fate of the country as well as how tax dollars should be spent be allowed to vote. What is not right is that those who make no contribution and receive those tax dollars are also allowed to vote.

Folks, if you ain't helping to pull the wagon, you should not have a say in where that wagon is going.

Community Leaders and Activists
Have you ever wondered how someone becomes known as a community leader or a black (or hispanic or whatever leader) or even a community activist? Who exactly elected Jesse Jackson as a spokesman for Americans of African heritage? When was Jill Ireland elected as a spokeswoman for all American women? How did a Senator with a history of problems with booze and a murder on his record, a crime that his wealthy family paid his way out of, become a spokestoad for liberals?

The answer to this question is simple: the media selected these folks as "leaders" for the simple reason that they give a good interview filled with sound bites that fit Big Media's agenda and might help sell advertising. They, Big Media, can count of the always available Jesse Jackson to say something stupid and inflammatory, some muttering that will help Big Media ratings and allow them to sell more advertising at
higher rates.

As with anything in the secular world, follow the money and you will find the truth.

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