Monday, January 23, 2006

Teachers greater risk to children then priests

What do Adrianne Hockett, Angela Comer, Cathy Heminghaus, Elizabeth Miklosovic, Joan Marie Sladky, Margaret De Barraicua, Stephanie Burleson and Pamela Smart have in common? For starters, all are either teachers or school employees. More importantly, each has been charged, and in some cases already found guilty of having illegal sexual relations with underage students. Even more important, these seven representatives of the education profession are just the tip of the iceberg. Pamela Smart is further charged with trying to convince her underage lover to kill her
husband. The Nicole Kidman movie "To Die For" is based upon Smart's case.

And for the record, none of them are Catholic priests!

To help demonstrate just how widespread this problem is, here is a small
sampling of recent news reports collected from sources across the U.S.

Read more - multiple reports

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Read more

Liberals, (aka leftists, progressives, Democrats), and their lackies in Big Media never miss an opportunity to attack the Catholic Church for the actions of a relatively small percentage of priests. Let there be the slightest hint of an abuse and heaven and earth will be turned over to convict the offender and extract huge cash settlements to ease pain and suffering.

To be perfectly clear, we admit that there are priests that go bad and do abuse youths. At the same time, we are skeptical of any claims that come from alleged memories dredged up by the voodoo of shrinks.

We also freely admit that most teachers have never, and would never, do anything that would put a child in their care at risk. But we can not help but wonder out loud why Big Media, liberals and spokestoads for various freeloading activists groups are so thoroughly and resoundingly silent on the issue?

Big Media and various teacher's union have spent significant cash and energy in an effort to convince us that teachers are close to sainthood and worthy without question of any and all salary increases. Could it be that they do not want the carefully crafted image to be tarnished thus putting their access to billions of dollars of tax money at risk?

Could it be that the Left (aka liberals, progressives, Democrats) are , for whatever reasons, anti-Christian and use this issue to grind their pitiful little axes with attacks on the Catholic Church?

We urge all readers to ignore the brainwashing, examine the evidence for themselves and make an informed decision. For our money, though, we can't help but wonder if the greater risk to our children comes not from the local priest but from the employees of the local school district?


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