Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Slap Shots For January 31, 2006

Figure this one out

It is well documented that in Muslim nations, women and girls are treated like second-class citizens, especially compared to the status of women in the western world. Can't drive. Can't vote. Have to wear cloths designed to hide them. Treated like property about same as the family donkey.

You would think that liberals (aka leftists, progressives, Democrats), would welcome any effort that improved the status of women in Muslim countries. You would be wrong.

What are the liberals concerned about: how much they hate Bush and protecting the court-given right to murder their unborn young. Like the true hypocrites they are, they shed phoney tears for those killed in Iraq while justifying the murder of unborn children with a woman's right to choose what to do with her body. To them, the rights of the woman, real or court-given, out trump the rights of the most vulnerable of us.

Makes about as much sense as having as a leader a Senator best known for drinking and murdering a young woman.


A dear friend of ours is a WW II vet. 91 years old, very recently widowed, a ton of health problems some dating back to wounds received in the line of duty and very little money. Just today he was told that there was nothing the Veterans Administration could, or would, do to help him. Nada. Zilch. Nothing.

Meanwhile, taxpayer funds are used to:

provide benefits for illegal criminal aliens

build superhighways to nowhere in Alaska

tout the virtues of homosexuality to public school students

better pay, benefits and retirement plans for Congress then most of us could ever hope to see

support a huge bureaucracy most of which works against those who pay for it

fund a massive welfare system that does nothing more than create an entire class of Americans dependent upon a government handout.

Anyone else find this a more than a little bit strange?

Where's the camera?

Now that Judge Alito has been voted in as a Supreme Court justice, we can't help but wonder what Teddy Kennedy and John "I served in Nam" Kerry are going to do and say to get some face time in front of the cameras? I am sure that even as we speak, their staff's are hard at work planning something so stupid that it is sure to get them on camera.


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